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cyclone Yasi Australia January 2011

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We were saying that we have the people of far North Queensland tonight slowly picking up the pieces of their lives after being pumelled by cyclone Yasi while major centers appear to have dodged the cyclone, small towns like Cardwell and Tully took a direct hit Yasi's 300 kilometres an hour winds ripped roofs from some houses and flatenned others also shredding crops and plantations Queensland's most ferocious cyclone in ninety years chose the small communities for its path of destruction. When Yasi crossed the coast around Mission Beach it destroyed homes and bussinesses lifted off roofs flooding hundreds of hectares of crops and tossed seventy boats around the harbour at Hinchinbrook Even some of the bigger vessels were pushed onto land by the force of the wind and storm surge that came with it “ You can’t believe the amount of force that must’ve taken to get these boats up here” “Oh, Jesus!” While last night the town of Tully took the brunt of cyclone Yasi’s fury As the wind moved from a whistle to a roar Tully was being torn apart A terrifying night for those who chose to shelter at home “The wind from Hell. I,I,I’ve never..I’ve been through Larry, I’ve been through Winifer and, honestly, I thought we would just gonna get picked up and taken away It was just dreadful. Really,really frightening” “I just thought the whole place was gonna go. Just the sound of it was incredible” “I hid under a mattress” This is what’s left of the main street One in three buildings damaged, nearly everyone here has been deeply affected by the destruction “ We came back this morning and this is what we found and went to the Red Cross evacuation centre yesterday.We secured everything that we could” Peter Ross just returned from a holiday in flood affected Brisbon to this “Well, I mean, the homes and telly can be repaired most suffered severe damage. This one obliterated, a fairly typical scene here in this tough town. The people here say that they’re determined to fight back but already insurance worries are weighing heavily on their minds. They saw what happened with the Brisbon floods and they don’t wanna go through the same anxiety Nearby in Cardwell more than 200 homes were damaged. Despite the destruction, somehow the big crab remains undamaged on its perch outside Cardwell’s restaurant. “There are people now who have lost their homes, they’ve lost their farms, they’ve lost their crops and they’ve lost their livelihoods and I have no doubt that many of them will feel a great sense of despair” Adding to the despair, power is out of 180,000 homes, communications are patchy and residents are on their own for most of the day. Emergency services used to rushing in, had to slowly cut their way through forlorn trees and navigate flooded creeks. Tully has become the number one priority in the disaster recovery effort. So many people here 24 hours ago feared they would lose their homes and those fears have been realised in the most horrific way.

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Posted by: inmaeoi on Mar 1, 2011

TV News bulletin from Sky News Australia

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