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Class '59 Project - Edit 2

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Well the idea of having a legacy project of give back to the college, was at our 45th reunion. With the committee, we struggled for 2 or 3 years trying to find the right project. ...but then we did. We wanted to do something with students and experiential learning and traveling had been so important to us when we were here, so that's where we went. They contributed through creating a travel scholarship and that scholarship allowed students to go abroad to gain new experiential learning, opportunities, and to see the world in a new way. The class of OAC '59 raised almost $300 000 and we have sent 152 students on travel grants. And they go all over the world. It's amazing. I go to travel awards night, and it is fantastic to meet them. They are so much more advanced than we were. I'm so fortunate to have received the OAC '59 travel grant, it has allowed me to go to Kansas for CAMA, and it will allow me to go to China for the International Agrobusiness case team. Receiving the travel grant has allowed me to grow as person and individual at the University of Guelph and it's also lent to a lot of experiential learning opportunities. So by attending these case competitions and team events, we've learned a lot about the agriculture and food sector. OAC Alumni are supportive of the college because one, they believe in what we're doing. Two, they have that sense of community. They have fond memories of being here, they have fond memories of being a student, and they want to help future students. Knowing that OAC Alumni are supporting me through my education, and providing me with opportunities with financial support means a lot. I really appreciate it and I know my team really appreciates it, and we're gonna put the funding to great use. The OAC '59s have proposed the OAC 59 Future Thinkers Fund, and they are dedicated to raising $50 000 They've convinced the Dean's Office, me, to match that, so together we're gonna raise $100 000 to bring in cutting edge thinkers. People who are looking at the future in a different way and to bring those thinkers here, so that our students, OAC students can be exposed to them and so that those OAC students can see the world in a new way. Our first project sent them out into the world. Now we're gonna pick innovative speakers to come in here, and hopefully it will give them ideas, future ideas to change. On behalf of all recipients of the OAC '59 travel grant, we'd like to thank you for your support and continual support towards our education and experiential learning opportunities as we all travel around the world. I'd like to thank the OAC class of '59 for their tremendous dedication to giving back to OAC and for helping our students to see the world in a new way.

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Class '59 Project - Edit 2

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