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Weekly Address_ Building a Fairer and More Effective Criminal Justice System

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每周致辞 Hello, everybody 大家好 Today, there are some 2.2 million people behind bars in America 今天大约有220万美国人待在铁笼之内 Millions more are on parole or probation 还有上百万的人处于假释或缓刑身份中 All told, we spend 80 billion taxpayer dollars each year 纳税人每年花费800亿美元 (译者注:能支付约180万美国人工资) to keep people locked up 为了让这些人受到限制 Many are serving unnecessarily long sentences for non-violent crimes 其中有很多仅仅因为非暴力犯罪,而需要经受不必要的长期牢狱之灾 Almost 60 percent have mental health problems 60%有精神疾病 Almost 70 percent were regular drug users 70%经常吸食各类毒品 And as a whole, our prison population is disproportionately black and Latino 而监狱人口中黑人和西班牙裔的占比与国民人口比例不相称 Now, plenty of people should be behind bars 很多人确实应该受到惩治和监管 But the reason we have so many more people in prison than any other developed country is not because we have more criminals 但是我们监狱里人口数量比其他发达国家要多的原因,并不是因为我们的罪犯更多 It’s because we have criminal justice policies, including unfair sentencing laws 是因为我们有罪犯司法政策,其中包括不公正的量刑制度 that need to be reformed 我们需要对其改革 We know that simply locking people up doesn’t make communities safer 我们明白把人们关起来并不能让社区更安全 It doesn’t deal with the conditions that lead people to criminal activity in the first place 它并不能解决人们第一次从事犯罪活动的问题 or to return to prison later 或者重返监狱 After all, there’s evidence that a 10 percent increase in the high school graduation rate leads to a nearly 10 percent decrease in arrest rates 数据显示高中毕业率每提升10%,逮捕率就会下降10% A ten percent wage increase for men without a college degree 没有大学文凭的男人每涨10%薪资 lowers crime by as much as 20 percent 将降低20%的犯罪率 And a growing body of research suggests 更多的数据也表明 that the longer people stay in jail, the more likely they are to commit another crime once they get out 人们在监狱内的时间越长,他们出狱后就越有可能再次犯罪 Here’s why this matters 为什么这个问题这么重要? Every year, more than 600,000 people are released from prison 每年超过60万人会被刑满释放 We need to ensure that they are prepared to reenter society 我们需要保证他们已经准备好重返社会 and become productive, contributing members of their families and communities 而且成为具有生产力,能为家庭和社会起到贡献的一员 and maybe even role models 甚至是道德模范 That’s why we’ve been working to make our criminal justice system 这就是为什么我们尽力将我们的罪犯司法系统做到: smarter, fairer, less expensive, and more effective 更聪明,更公平,更低开销,更有效 This week, the Department of Justice will highlight how strong reentry programs can make communities safer 本周,司法部将公布我们的“重入社会”项目将如何让社区更安全 My Administration will announce new actions that will build on the progress we’ve already made 发言人也会告知我们会在已有的基础上如何更进一步 We’ll release more details about how we are taking steps to ensure that 我们也会放出更多细节,有关我们将如何保证 applicants with a criminal history have a fair shot to compete for a federal job 有犯罪历史的申请人如何能公平的竞争政府职位 We’re issuing a new report that details the economic costs of our high rates of incarceration 我们也会公布有关高关押率带来的经济费用的细节报告 And we’re calling on businesses to commit to hiring returning citizens 我们也呼吁商业企业雇佣 who have earned a second chance 拥有第二次机会的“重返社会”申请人 These are just a few of the steps we’re taking 这些只是我们采取的一部分措施 But there’s much more to do 但是我们需要做的还有很多 Disrupting the pipeline from underfunded schools to overcrowded jails 切断这条从资金匮乏学校向监狱输送公民的管道 Addressing the disparities in the application of criminal justice 重视罪犯司法过程中的不公正 from arrest rates to sentencing to incarceration 包括逮捕率和判刑率 Investing in alternatives to prison, like drug courts and mental health treatment 投资监狱的替代机构,比如戒毒所和精神病院 Helping those who have served their time get the support they need to become productive members of society 帮助那些需要帮助的人变成有益社会的成员 Good people from both sides of the aisle and across all sectors are coming together on this issue 全国的好人都应共同应对这一问题 From businesses that are changing their hiring practices 从修改雇佣政策的公司 to law enforcement that’s improving community policing 到改进社区执法的执法机构 we’re seeing change 我们看到了一些改变 Now we need a Congress that’s willing to send a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill to my desk 现在我们需要国会向我提交一份两党同意的罪犯司法改革草案 This isn’t just about what makes economic and practical sense 这不只关乎经济和实际问题 It’s about making sure that we live up to our ideals as a nation 而是关乎美国能否成为我们理想中的那个国家 Thanks, and have a great weekend 谢谢收看,周末愉快

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Weekly Address_ Building a Fairer and More Effective Criminal Justice System

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