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רב בשבת

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Zain: "Veze sod Yom haShabbat". "And this", says the Ari, "is the secret of Shabbat". "Ki az itosaf", now you will understand what Shabbat is about, "Ki az itosaf kedushah beolamot". Shabbat we say is an addition, it is an addition. What do you mean it is an addition? What addition? That on Shabbat... the whole week we are in this world of Asiyah, on Shabbat you can go up to the world of Atzilut. Automatically all the veils and all the separations, all the curtains disappear. You say: "What about bread of shame?" Yes, one day the of the week, we know, we got through this, Shabbat is a gift, it is called 'a gift'. I do not understand, what do you mean a gift? Most people consider it a burden. We talk about even those who observe Shabbat. It is a burden. Right? It is called a gift, and we have gotten through that. What do you mean it is a gift? But if you understand that you want continuity, you want to be in the world where the root and the end is all one instantly packaged. Who does not want tomorrow now? Is there anybody who does not want tomorrow now? Everybody wants tomorrow now. You have one opportunity to get it for nothing - on Shabbat. Why? Because only on that day are all the worlds brought together from Atzilut. In fact, we leave Asiyah, and all the worlds become merged together as one. All the Masachim are not required to be made use of. Didn't we just say: how do go from one world to the next? There is a Masach - curtain, right? You restrict, then you go down. In other words, from the seed to the root, each time there is a Masach. The bulb - each time there is a filament up already, then you develop into the next stage of Light. The way things operate until you get to the Light, until you get to the fruit. On Shabbat it is all merged into one, he says. What about the Masachim that are required in between? No, not nessasary. The world of Aztilut is the source that we want to strive to get to. When you reach any time Atzilut, what you have done is run from here to here, and that is really back. You have reached everything. You have got the whole thing in one. I mean as if you have to make any decision or whatever you were going to make, if you are going to make this proper connection on Shabbat, you have bridged what maybe you need ten years of experience for or ten years of time to learn. You bridge it immediately. Immediately!

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רב בשבת

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