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Hilula of the Ari 2015

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Welcome to our special transmission from the mystical city of Safed, We are right now located in the site of the Director of the Kabbala Center, Rav Berg. It's an amazing place, amazing energy here, and I hope that all our friends have been here at least once, or will visit. And on this day of anniversary of birth and death of Rabbi Isaac Luria. The Holy Ari, Rabbi Isaac Luria. We decided this year to make this special connection. Really to go physically to the place of the righteous, to the definetly so special in Galilee, In order to bring us closer. And you know, we know that our main frame of challenge in our life is space. Space between people, that can be manifested in hatred, or intolerance, or simple lack of human dignity. We know that by breaching these spaces, we create stronger connections with the life force of the Creator. This is the reason why, already for thousands of years, At least we know the case 3400 years ago, When actually visiting places of the righteous were helping us to eliminate space. And if we're talking about space, time, motion, physical reality, understanding why we're here, And the most important, how to overcome space, There is no one, in the history of the Kabbalah, in the history of this lineage of thousands of years, That explained and transmitted us with knowledge, consciousness, and the most important, practical tools That can help human kind to eventually eradicate the strongest form of space, That it actually, I hope for, us as students in the Kabbalah Center And I must say, the Book of Immortality of Rav Berg discusses this a lot, Nano also, The form of space, that is ultimate, it is obviously death. Rabbi Isaac Luria, 500 years ago, approximately in 1512-1530, in this period of time, we know that there are special souls, that come every generation. Every generation, there is a special soul that comes and teaches and transmits knowledge and insights on the information. Because we have to remember that information by itself, a book by itself is not enough. You must have a living person, a living being that actually is living the knowledge, it's experiencing it. This is why it says that in Kabbalah at least, a teacher must be a physical human being. It's not enough to have an angel, or somebody like this celestial being, to come and teach us, This is one of the Kabbalists that was offered angels to teach him, and righteous souls that left this world to teach him, And he said: "No", he said "No". I actually prefer a teacher of physical body and physical life. And this is actually the secret of this lineage, that is coming from generation to generation, We are actually capable to see with our eyes, we're capable to touch, we're capable to see the behavior, what the teacher does. So 500 years ago, Rabbi Isaac Luria that came, was not just the leader, spiritually talking obviously, of his generation, But we also know that every 10 generations, special souls appear, that are the heads of the 10 generations, backward and forward. They are capable to see what is wrong, what is right, what has to be fixed, what can be added. And this is one of them, Rabbi Isaac Luria. Before it was Rambam, etc., we're again talking about lineage. So what's so special about Rabbi Isaac Luria, what we want really to achieve. Definetly, as we said, all those days and all those moments, and this is why we made this trip, to bring us closer, to make the effort to come closer, as much as we can. If it's study, if it's action, when we're behaving with the same attribute, with the same consciousness, so we're creating affinity, we're eliminating space. And this is the purpose of this presentation as well. That we won't just read the book or hear a class, but what will be practical action, actually today, Using the energy of this week, by the way. You know, 3 days before, 3 days after, the energy of Rabbi Isaac Luria with us. And hopefully this transmission will be easing us, this connection. So first thing, Rabbi Isaac Luria was born in Israel, this mother stayed a widow and actually she moved with him to Egypt, Because her brother was a very important merchant in Egypt, a very prosperous man, and Rabbi Isaac Luria grew up in Egypt, And it is said that already by the age of 13, he became huge sage, he already knew all the Talmud, all the Kabbalah, all the secrets. He spent years on an island on the Nile river, studying the Zohar, actually decifring and meditating on word by word on the Zohar, And he actually moved back to Israel, to the city of Tzfat, and just something to remind us about the city, about Galilee in general, And the city of Tzfat in particular, we know that Israel is the concentration of most of energy and power in the world, Where the 4 elements concentrate here, when Galilee is corresponding to air, the area of the lake of Tiberias Kinneret is the water energy, Jerusalem it's fire and the city of Hebron, where Abraham, Adam, Eve are located it's earth. So Galilee is the place of air, this is why this place is the place of the Revelation, all the revelations happened in the land of Galilee, Specifically, the city of Tzfat is the center of this energy, we know that the cave where Abraham studied, Shem and Even, the son of Noah was actually here, And in those times, 4000 years ago, it was actually a tunnel, that you could take basically underground, from Tzfat till Jerusalem, to the temple Mount. This is how they used to go, and be protected from all the troubles that were on the surface. So Rabbi Isaac Luria comes to Tzfat with one purpose. And what is so amazing, because his purpose, all his study, by the way the level of his soul, to be able to transmit this knowledge, We know that Rabbi Isaac Luria is actually the incarnation, the reincarnation of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, it's the same spark of the soul, By the way, the same spark of the soul of Moses. We're talking about the repetition of a certain job that has to be done, And Rabbi Isaac Luria was one of these sparks that came to liberate the world, and it's not a coincidence, that after the revelations that happened here in Tzfat, The world started to change. If it's realization about science and medicine, industrial revolution and many, many other things that happened in the last 500 years. But obviously, as Kabbalah believes, everything starts and begins with consciousness. So Rabbi Isaac Luria comes to Tzfat to teach one man, one person. His name was Rabbi Chaim Vital. Rabbi Chaim Vital is buried in Damascus, it's kinda tough to get there, Yehuda Berg visited the place, a couple of times even, Unfortunately with all the troubles of today, hopefully peace will come, and we will all be able to travel to Damascus freely, without all this trouble. So, Rabbi Isaac Luria came to teach Rabbi Chaim Vital, because this individual had the potential to bring what it's called "Messiah". He was a Messiah consciousness individual, and we have to remember, that when, according to Kabbalah, when we hear the word "Messiah", It's not about one man doing the job for everybody, but it's actually one man bringing a change in consciousness for everybody, When every person has to apply and manifest this consciousness. This is why Rabbi Chaim Vital is the person to write down all the teachings, Or it says: "one drop" of the teachings. Rabbi Chaim Vital said that everything that he received or was revealed by Rabbi Isaac Luria was a drop, His son, Rabbi Shmuel Vital received one drop from what Rabbi Chaim Vital knew. And still, we are talking about 18 volumes of writings of Rabbi's Isaac Luria, With all the mysteries of the Creation, of the Big-Bang, everything we teach in the classes is all based on the revelations of Rabbi Isaac Luria. So, this process was not easy, because Rabbi Chaim Vital was not sure, he felt he was a young man, and he felt very uncomfortable, How such a very young man, with all the sages that lived in those days in Tzfat, A lot of them came from Spain, the great Safardic Kabbalists. Rabbi Moshe Kordovero, Rabbi Chaim Alcabetz, and many others, Rabbi Isaac Abuhav, that were here, and many more, and he felt kinda unworthy, to be taught by this amazing sage, Rabbi Isaac Luria. And because of this, Rabbi Isaac Luria lated told Chaim Vital that he had to leave this world earlier. And there is a very important lesson, that we would really like to learn from this small story. Sometimes we feel unworthy. We feel unworthy and imagine this, Rabbi Chaim Vital felt unworthy. He said to himself: "How come am I going to study privately with this amazing man?" "A holy man, such a tremendous man? And all those sages, older than me? They are the teachers and the leaders won't?" And brought them to study and actually it created different boundaries and limitations on the information that had to be revealed. Without going into all the details, and I think, what we would really like to ask from Rabbi Isaac Luria today, on HIS day, Something very special. That we will be able to reveal our potential. That we will be able to connect to our soul. That we will be able to connect to our mission. Why we came to this world? Because this is the main question that we all have to ask and remember. If we're listening to this presentation, if we're studying at the Kabbalah Center, if we're scanning and reading the Zohar, If we're participating at the Zohar project, if we're supporting in doing many other things and actions in the Center, it has a purpose. It's not just nice philosophy, the purpose of the Center, the goal of the Center is to eradicate space, to eliminate death, pain and suffering in the world. It says that Rabbi Isaac Luria had this group of students, and the told them that this Shabbat will bring the Messiah. And all of them got very nervous, and they told him: "But what are we going to do? We have to go home, to tell our wives" And there were a lot of "buts", and Rabbi Isaac Luria told them: "You know, because of all these "buts" and considerations," "What are we going to do? What are we going to do with the kids, and the food?", we're going to miss this opportunity. We're missing the opportunity because of 2 reasons: 1: Underestimating the amazing spark and the soul power that we will all have, That in a way we were all chosen, or due to our previous reincarnations to come to this point even, And from the other side, because we are not willing to do whatever it takes, in our frame reference, to do the job. What is the job? Actually to bring this knowledge to all the people that are looking for it. And just to end with something that we usually read every anniversary of Rabbi Isaac Luria, One of the things that we will read is actually the moments, his last moments in this life. We know that a person when he leaves this world, all his energy, all his light is actually revealed. Because physical body does not limit the soul anymore, So all the light, all the restrictions, all the sharing, everything is actually manifesting itself, and revealing itself in this particular moment. I will read it in hebrew and I will translate, and it will leave us with, hopefully, all this light and all this energy, That we need to support us, to appreciate and to empower our desire to change ourselves and to facilitate and share with other people, that are actually waiting for us. Not more and not less, waiting for us. There are people out there that are waiting for us, to get and to connect to this powerful knowledge. (...) Now, Rabbi Chaim Vital, the closest and most important of the students of Rabbi Isaac Luria, at the moment when Rabbi Isaac Luria left this world, wasn't there. So who was the person near Rabbi Isaac Luria in this last words? There was another student, and he told this story. (...) So he came insted of me, of Rabbi Chaim Vital, and he was crying and begging Rabbi Isaac Luria. (...) This is the hope that we had while you were alive with us, (...) And, what he said here, that this student was saying to Rabbi Isaac Luria that, while he was alive, bringing us so much knowledge and light and blessings, You couldn't find even one complete person, a righteous person, to continue. (...) So if I would find this one person, I wouldn't leave this world, says Rabbi Isaac Luria, before it's time. (...) And he was in very big sorrow that Rabbi Chaim Vital left. (...) And this student realized that Rabbi Isaac Luria wanted to share still, with Rabbi Chaim Vital, some secrets, to reveal some mysteries. (...) He said: What are we going to do, from this point and on, when you're leaving? (...) So tell the friends, by my name. (...) And he said to him, he shouldn't deal with this knowledge, because you didn't realize and did not understand properly. (...) That Rabbi Chaim Vital will deal and will teach and study. (...) It says: We don't have hope? We don't have a chance? So Rabbi Isaac Luria answered: (...) If you will have a merit, I will come and I will teach you. (...) So how are you going to come, if you are leaving this world? This physical reality? How are you going to come back? (...) Don't worry, you shouldn't deal with the mysteries (...) How am I going to come back? (...) If I am going to come in a dream, or in a revelation, and continues. And this is were we are going to stop, but we know that in 1920, Rav Ashlag came and revealed and opened the doors of Rabbi Isaac Luria, And the Rav and Rav Brandwein opened this knowledge to all of us. Now, our job, and if we want really, that Rabbi Isaac Luria will come and support us, we need to ask ourselves, if I'm expressing and doing what I can, With my potential, to bring this knowledge to the rest of the world, to the rest of the people that are looking for it, There is no doubt that we are going to receive amazing support, directly from Rabbi Isaac Luria. Chag Sameach everybody, all the best!

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