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'It's not good'_ Parisian Muslims react - BBC News

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Good any parts of Paris and you will see melting pot different religions and cultures. Yong Muslim men on the street were all horrified by Fridays attacks. No good kid people kid children kids women that's not good keen. Everyone scared everyone you know this is... It's not good. Are you scared? Ya of course I scared. Muslim don't do this don't care people. So called Islamic States say of course they all Muslims and carry up trusties in the name of Islam. And the rage grown feel on a street the division hate will be the negative consequence. That's what happened. People what what when I come to influenced people do like this. Because I'm Muslim. But not good my friend. Because they thinking all Muslim are terrorist. Front, has try harder in recent year integrate Muslim population. But truce is tiny minority who don't feel equal who feel French form policy in the middle east is modern day Crusade. Who feel alienated from this saccular society. Some people here he accept you all a really every thing about you but some people no. You luck a rise. Look this. As the police take two men on a way and search them. There is strong feeling here that young Muslim men particular have been unfairly treeted. Police do this a lot police come and take... Every day Every day do this. And every time. What do you think about this? It's not good. You feel like you'll been targeted? Ya feel myself like in the prison. You feel like in the prison? Yes. Just because he feel like front is the prison. Doesn't of course explain more some young Muslims do become terrorist. But unemployment alienation are all part of leading grounds for the extremes.

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Posted by: nishimuratakumi on Dec 4, 2015

'It's not good'_ Parisian Muslims react - BBC News

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