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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~04:30:36 - 04:45:37

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-Look, you'll burn it. -Don't steal my oranges. You know me too well. -That's it, take them. -You'll eat from the basket. Eat these, the peanuts; or are you eating there? You should remove those. -What? -Not those. Can't I use this to wash with? This water. No, you'll rinse at the river. Go look for the soap in the little room in the house. Ok, should I go with you? I can't find it. Light it, maybe you should check in the bedroom again. The soap is in the bedroom. Hey, wait a minute. Light the candle. Where is it? Under the table? It's ok, I've found it. We're already up, I don't know if you're going there. Yandi! We're up, aren't you going to school? I left the candle and matches, Edith? Lindi, stay in here, we left the candle for you! That's all, it's melting on one side. Let's go!! Hey! You must love it... Let's go. [Washing dishes.] [Call for prayer.] I was dreaming. When he started, he said, "Wa, wa, wa..." -Oh, what did you dream about? -Kibaru's child. Ok. Is that somebody else's? He gave it to me. So he gave it to you. I thought he gave it to you yesterday so you left it? They kept it for me. [Call to prayer.] [Washing plates.] But Memory... Ok. You'll be slapped and kicked one day... Sort out the firewood and light the fire on the side. Oh no, what now? Come on, let's light it on the side. -What should we put there, the water? -Leave the cassava where it is. Let's light it up. Light it up again! -I should light it up? -No! We'll take it off when we get back because it'll have been cooked by then. Let's put it there. Hey, you're making noise. The firewood is too long. That's what's needed. Wazili, you look like you've come here. Pass it on to Simeon for me. It's taking too long. Pass the cassava; it's mine. It's not there. Could you give me the cover for the knife? -Where is it? -Over by the knives. Hey, are you looking for the lid? Memory, hurry up. I'll wait for you. Where is it? You're going to drop in your drool! Oh, so you want me to feed on your stupid drool! Hmm! Cassava juice. -So did you cover it? -She's getting the lid. -Did you add any salt? -Yeah. There's too much water. I feel like I should leave the fire alone, I went to look for the lid... I'm done. -Memory, please come with us. -Let's go. Please go and get me a sweater. So we'll just end up sleeping. -Memory! -Sort out some firewood. There isn't any. There's enough firewood on that fire. Are you putting the water on another fire? Light it up then. We need to go to the river first and wash the dishes. Did you sweep both around and behind the bathroom? Aunt, I though that side was for... Is this side of the yard yours? That one, ask her. -Let's go. -I'm going to put these two together. Memory did you take another? Go and get the other one for me too. We're going. -What's she saying? -She says you should sweep first since it's morning. -The bathroom is your responsibility -But Aunt, that's for Lipatu. -The bathroom? I thought you were the one who sweeps it? -Outside where it's close to us? So have you swept? Could you just take the broom and sweep Memory's side? -What about Memory, are you not sweeping, Memo? -Eeh! Then I'll be able to go with you to the river. Sure, then I'll be able to go to the river with you. I'll be sweeping there too. Hurry up. You'll be late for school! My goodness, stop and sweep. I can feel the sand. [Sweeping]

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
Views: 175
Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 24, 2008

Memory and Edith prepare breakfast. Edith attempts to steal Memory's oranges, but fails; Edith worries that Memory's drool has slipped into the pot, and the girls laugh; they debate how long their cassava should remain on the fire. The girls sweep around the compound with the call to prayer from the nearby mosque echoing in the background. There is debate regarding who should sweep where.

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