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Mark Hyman - IIN Sample Class

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>> It was an extraordinary time in medicine because those people who have provided healthcare in the past, namely doctors, are not gonna be the people who create health in the future, those are gonna be Health Coaches, because Health Coaches can provide the instruction, the tools, the information, the facilitation of behavior change and of information exchange that leads to the creation of health, simply rather than suppression of symptoms or disease. I love speaking to the Integrative Nutrition audience because they're like sponges, they're hungry, they're looking for something different, they're excited about the information, they're excited about doing something different in their lives. They know, what we have isn't working and they want to know what to do next. And if I can be somehow a catalyst or an aid in helping them rethink their lives and their approach to what they're doing and provide a conduit for information that can get to many, many other people, I'm very happy about it. If there's only one thing that students could take away from what I teach is that we have to completely rethink disease, that we have to understand that body is a system and that imbalances in the system create disease and ill health, and that by understanding those systems and figuring out how to create balance in each of those systems by taking away things that are impeding health and providing things that help create and facilitate health, and that that's the focus of their approach to understanding human body and biology and health, then I think I'll have done my job.

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Mark Hyman - IIN Sample Class

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