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Everyday Makeup

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First what I'm going to do is prime my face with NARS primer, just a dime-sized amount is enough. Then I'm going to use NARS sheer glow and stipple it onto my face. I usually like to cover my under-eyes and blemishes, and use a patting up-and-down motion. I'm going to continue doing that patting motion throughout my whole face, to blend the color evenly. Since I have heavy circles under my eyes, I like to stipple it over once more, and then just use the remaining foundation for my neck. Here I have Lancome dual finish, and I'm just going to use it to set my foundation. Now I'm going to apply a pearly white color into my inner corners to brighten my eyes up... just going to use my ring finger to blend up the color. Now I'm going to simply line my eyes with a liquid eye-liner... and bringing the ends out. Here's a mascara primer that will give me longer and fuller lashes. I'll apply it to my top and bottom lashes. Now I'm just going to simply apply a mascara onto my lashes. My current favorite is Lancome hypnose drama mascara. Now I'm going to use a white eye-liner to line my wire line. Now I'm going to use a highlighting color to apply it on top of my temples and cheekbones... also the bridge of my nose. Here I have a bright blush that I will apply to the apples of my cheeks, blending it away from my face and downward. Next I'm going to apply pink and gold lip gloss. It'll brighten my face. First I'm going to use a brow wax to set my browns in place. Then I'm going to use a brow powder to divide my brows. I love you, Lorraine!

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Posted by: greenbo on Jun 24, 2010

How to makeup your face for an ordinary day, step by step.

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