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David Spero - Nothing is Ever Lost

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Moderator: Another viewer comments, "Hi David, for the four times that I've been meditating with you, I felt a big difference. But since last week I feel little. Can you help?" Just pick up with me in this moment. Just don't worry, don't get drawn into that particular perception to such an extent that we can't have a heart-to-heart connection here. Just reopen you self in this moment, pick yourself up from wherever you are and let's start again and this is the sahadna. A person asked ealier, "What is your sahadna David?". This is my sahanda. Keep on picking up your attention and offering it. Come into this very simple beautiful energy that is present. Moderator: Apparently it's the energy that the veiwer is not feeling according to his next comment. I suggest, just relax. Don't look for anything. You say a little, little energy because you're using your mind to compare to what happened last time. There might be something in store for you that you can't forsee that your mind has no way to frame. Now you may have had some lovley experiences in the past. Nothing is every lost. Nothing is forgotten in your deepest being. So when people say to me, "Oh I had tremendous enlightenment experiences a year ago or two years ago", I alway remind them that nothing is ever lost. It's all just stabilized in the structure of your being where it lives forever. Moderator: A viewer in Israel says, "When you say that nothing is lost, you mean that a spiritual process is always in progress over time?" That's one way to look at this, that there is an ongoing spiritual process, even if your mind is not clear about it, during phases of your process. It's not like your whole process comes to your awareness and therefore you can say, "Oh, I know exactly what's happening. I can map this whole thing out. I remember when I was stuck in ignorance and then I had my first glimpse, then I had my second glimpse." At some point you can't follow it like that any longer. Also, what I mean by that is, every taste of liberation, it's you. You can't lose you. Even perception swallows you up again. Even if you think you're lost again. That's just an interpretation. It's just a series of ideas that are so removed from the place where you had that awakening that they really have no value. They have no accuracy in that realm. So when you come into the awareness of your being you're remembering something that's already there. Therefor it's not something that's added on to you. And it can most easily be read as a loss later on. And a sense that you've lost it. You can put lost in quoation marks. That's why I say you can't really lose this because when you come into cloudless awareness, or you come into real love, intoxicating love, or your ? of bliss or radience of being, it's not something added on to you, it's not something that can later be removed. Yes your mind may think that and complain in that way, but that's the mind's nature is to engage in kind of drama. But if you pay close attention, if you go back into meditation, I think you will refind the essence of your freedom there.

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Posted by: pbrelin on Jun 29, 2009

David Spero - Nothing is Ever Lost

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