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How to be a racist

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It's so easy to be a racist nowadays. Anyone can do it. You don't even need to hold racist opinions. All you need is a desire to live in a secular society, and you are a racist, which is just about the worst thing that anyone can be, short of a paedophile, or a rapist, or a Swedish "journalist". You know what I mean by a secular society, where everyone is free to believe what they like, and to worship whatever and whoever they like, but not to impose their beliefs on others, and where there are no special religious privileges of any kind, like, for example, no unnecessarily cruel slaughter of animals for selfish and primitive religious reasons, nobody allowed to threaten everyone else's security by walking around in public wearing a mask, no faith schools indoctrinating children with supremacist and separatist ideas before their minds are fully formed, no religious clothing in schools, no exemption from any lessons for any religious reason, no prayer rooms or any kind of special religious conditions for anyone in a place of work, no public money for any faith group, no financial compensation for offended religious sensibilities, and equal treatment before the law for everyone without exception. If that's the kind of society you want to live in, you are a racist. Don't you feel ashamed of yourself? Equal rights for women is a deeply racist idea that no truly diverse society should tolerate for a second. Anyone espousing it should be roundly and falsely vilified as a racist, for the sake of community cohesion. Are you opposed to genital mutilation, or encasing little girls from head to toe in black tarpaulins? Careful how you answer that, because, if you are, you're a racist. More than 90% of so-called "honour" killings are carried out by Muslims, but sssh! don't say so or you'll be a racist. And if you object to the way the propaganda word "Islamophobia" has been allowed to attach itself parasitically to the word "racist" and suck all the life out of it, then you're such a racist you might as well be wearing a white hood and burning a cross. In fact, if there was any justice, you would be hounded from your job and have your children taken away, you racist. So, as you can see, if you want to be a racist it's more than enough to want a secular society. But it's even better if you want democracy as well because then you can be a double racist, and it's nice to have that option. You see, here in Britain we've conveniently subdivided the racist smear so that if you want secularism you're an Islamophobic racist, if you want democracy you're a xenophobic racist, and if, like me, you want a secular democracy, then you're so indelibly racist you might as well have a swastika tattooed on your forehead. You see, secularism and democracy sound very nice in theory, but unfortunately they're both un-Islamic, and anything un-Islamic is automatically anti-Islam, and anything anti-Islam is, you've guessed it, racist. Although, more precisely, it is the other way round, isn't it? It's Islam that's anti-secularism and anti-democracy and would stamp them both out at the very first opportunity, but you're still a racist. What do you mean you don't understand? You're not meant to understand. You're meant to shut up and knuckle under, you racist.

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Posted by: patcondell on Mar 24, 2014

As if you didn't know.

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