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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~22:12:27 - 22:27:12

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Oh, c'mon... You are not working, right? ― Excuse me, excuse me. ― C'mon... I'll pay your part. ― Please come visit again. ― Thank you. You must put the bills in the same position. The cards should fit in place. Put the cards in the correct order, too. ― It's the way I am. ― I'm sorry. That's the way I am. I don't look for wallets that are easy to use. ― I prefer the ones that look good. ― I guess it's because of the way you are. You changed your card case, too. Wasn't it made of carbon or something? Here you have. It was a "Mujirushi Ryohin" brand item, right? That carbon... My wallet shows my daily life. Receipts from Daily Yamasaki etc. There must be one that says "Hanpen"... Yeah, it shows what you ate. It must have "Kibun's Hanpen" written, doesn't it? I'm not sure. ― Yes, it has. ― Yeah. "Tofu" and "Hanpen" are written on the receipt. Did you write it on your own? ― I told you so. ― Huh? ― About my wallet. ― Yeah, you did. ― Thank you much. ― Thank you. I'll come again in my private time. My house is not that far from here. Where do you live? In Higashi-Koganei. Koganei Station on the Chuo line. ― Isn't it far from here? ― No. I can come here without any problems. I'll be waiting for you, then. Please come visit again. Thanks for everything. Thank you. Thanks for coming. Thank you. It's hot! Very hot. Maybe I should turn around? Thanks. One. Two. Thank you. Thank you. We enjoyed the meal, thank you. Thank you for everything. ― Bye bye. ― See ya. ― Thank you. ― Thank you. No, no no. ― Wow! ― Wow! That's cool! Wow... Don't worry. I'll catch you. That's cool. It surprised me. Wanna play pool? I can't. How about pushing the ball with your own hands? ― Yeah, that'll be fun. ― Real pool is played that way. Really? Let's play pool next time, then. See you. ― Please don't do that. ― What? ― That noise, with the tires. ― Huh? Stop making noise, please. Wanna go first? ― Please go ahead. ― Eh? Eh? Why? I'll press the button, then. Mr. Kaga will come soon. Do you think so? If he doesn't, go first. ― I won't. ― Why? Just go ahead. ― See? Here he is. ― I see. ― It's going up. ― Really? I'll wait, then. The way I said "go ahead" made me sound like a girl. I'm going first, then. See you on the first floor. There you are. How are you going to... Ah, yeah, your house is near. I was going to ask you how you're going home. Yes, I live pretty close. And Mr. Kaga will take Onoji back home, right? The wedding dress I showed you is at the office. But the office is closed today. ― These tires are from that chair. ― Really? Please go first. OK. Can you go? OK. I think we are done for the day. Yeah. ― Let's go back home, then. ― OK. I think you parked the car here. No. My car is there. What about you? I have to go across the station. ― Can you go on your own? ― Yes. Well, then. See you soon. Thank you for everything you have done today. You're welcome. I'd like to meet your boyfriend. Yeah. We have to celebrate him getting a job. Yeah! Thank you. Rumi has to go to the station, too. Ah, yeah, I have to go to the station, I think... I'll be going then. I'll go with you to the station. Let's go to the station, then. Going to the left? Where can I take a taxi? Follow this road. Can I take one if I take the road on the left? Fine. Thanks. ― Why? ― I was told to take a taxi. OK. See ya. ― Taxi? ― Yeah, I'll take one for now. There seems to be a paper with instructions. It reads "go get a new bag"... That was a good one. Instructions for me? Good joke! Eh? Are you going shopping now? To a Don Quijote store? That is so funny. I'll be fine. Thanks. Well, then. I'm OK. See you later. ― Here? ― I have to go there. Take care. ― Thank you. ― See you. See you. How much time does it take to go to your house from here? It's downhill from here, so 5 minutes. It takes me 10 minutes to come here, though. Oh. It seems there is a taxi waiting for me. I'm going back. I'll email you later. The event will take place on December 1st. Please come. I'll call you later. Oh, and sea urchins and Disneyland... The sea urchins are close. Maybe you should go get your taxi. It seems she wants to say "bye". Take care. See you. Excuse me. Can you please put the wheel chair in the trunk? Er... ― Did you wait a lot? ― Excuse me? Did you wait a lot? Not that much. Less than 5 minutes. Really? That's good. ― Can you please take us to Shinjuku Station? ― Pardon? Can you please take us to Shinjuku Station? Here you are. Part of it may come out of the trunk... Like 5 cm or so. ― Can it be laid down? ― No. It should fit if you lay it down. I know. Will the wheel chair be OK? To Shinjuku Station, please. To which entrance? If we follow this road, which entrance will we come to? I have to turn around first. South entrance. South entrance. If we take the Koshu-Kaido, we'll arrive at the south entrance. South entrance. South entrance. South entrance. Oh, I see. We can go to the west entrance too. If we go straight, we'll reach the south entrance. If we go left at the hill, we'll reach the west entrance. I see.

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Duration: 15 minutes and 3 seconds
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Producer: Irene Herrera
Director: Irene Herrera and Ron Carr
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Posted by: globallivesjapan on Nov 9, 2009

GL Japan Tape 18 (i)

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