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Personal Comments on US Assassination Policy

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...Dan. I'm vlogging for the first time because of a big issue that upset me greatly today. I'm steaming right now and need to give my perspective. There was a terrorist killed in the Middle East today. A drone attack, ordered by the American government, They ordered the strike, the drones launched missles, and they blew the place up. Did that in itself make me sad? No. He was probably a bad person. He was probably recruiting people to plan attacks on the USA. Probably. Probably (likely). But I haven't seen evidence. There hasn't been a trial or all those things. Some of you might say "so?". "So?" my answer to that is he was an American citizen who was born in the USA. So some of you might say "But he left the United States, went to the Middle East and became a terrorist!". "So they lost their rights". That's not true. They still have their rights. Unless we as the US Government revoked their citizenship. Then the drone attack occuring afterwards would lead to a different conversation here. But my big issue here is due process of the law. Every one of us as American citizens have rights... to a fair trial, presentation of evidence, in front of a jury of your peers. Guilty or Not Guilty. There's none of that here. What happened here was one person, the President of the United States by the name of Obama, What Obama did was basically order the drone attack and kill. That's it. Wow. To me, that's scary. Some of you might say "But you supported Bush!". No. I am AGAINST Bush. I liked Obama more than Bush, until the elections (passed and he got into office). The interesting thing about Bush is that in the year 2000, look at what Bush was saying over and over again. What was it about? He was saying we needed to stop being the policeman of the world. We needed to stop meddling in the affairs of other countries. We needed to back out and focus on America. That was George Bush in the year 2000. After the 9-11 attacks, Bush's mindest on foreign policy changed abruptly. War with Afghanistan, which by the way I supported thar war... But later in another vlog, I'll explain what I think we should have done instead of that war. Iraq... Endless and ongoing... there were "weapons of mass destruction". They were going "to kill us", "blow us up". Scaring us. The American People naively fell for it. "Ok, let's go ahead with the war". Now, Obama at the 2008 elections won. How? "We will get out of Iraq". "We will...." Well, he did admit we would focus on Afghanistan instead. He did admit that. But he acted like the "Peace" President. Now we're in six wars. S I X. Now we're possibly going to start one or two more wars. That gives us 8 wars going on at the same time. We have 900 military bases in 180 countries around the world. What WILL happen is we WILL end up like Russia 1988 (if we continue our present course). We WILL collapse. When that happens, it will be very painful. I can't emphasize that enough. There will be food riots, people will be starving, the economy will be even worse than it is right now. The police state may implement Martial Law to maintain security and keep the people peaceful. Maybe there will be curfews. Maybe the internet will go down. They might stop the internet because some people may be exchanging information that they are not supposed to, (information) that's not approved by the government. Some of you may think I am being paranoid. It's certainly possible. But I always think it's better to be safe than sorry. Where we are now is every President that comes in, whether a Democrat or a Republican, they tend to what? expand expand expand expand expand the role of government in our lives. Expanding it to the point where we rely on them for economic security, we think we need them because we are afraid of terrorists. All of those these they do.... At some point, 800 pounds, is that too much? At what point do we need to have a serious conversation about the size of government going down a little bit? Because that's not happened. That is the reason I support Ron Paul for President. Because he's the one man for thirty years saying the exact same things over and over and over again. He believes we are too involved in other countries lives. We are meddling in their affairs and creating dissension. The people there get aggravated and take revenge on us. Are they right when they attack us? No, they are wrong. But that doesn't mean we are right. We can be wrong too. I think it's important that we realize that if we push someone on the playground, we may get pushed back. When the police solve a crime, they always (try to) find the motive behind the crime. "Why did it happen? What was it? Ohh!". Find the criminal, catch them and put them in jail. It's the same with Doctors. When you go to the hospital, Doctors try to find out why it happened first, then they can analyze it further, solve the problem and find a cure, if possible. With 9-11, with other terrorist attacks, we seem not to be looking for the "why". We seem to be focused on the "how" and the "who" and then strike back. What we do seems to make the problem worser and worser. Now, today, a U.S. President can order an assassination of an American citizen. Without evidence presented, without a trial. That's scary. Not even Bush 43 or Cheney did that. From 2000 through 2008, and I think they were horrible. I think Obama is just as bad. It dissapoints me because I voted for him in 2008 (in the General Election). I refused to vote for John McCain Because of the wars and "100 years in Iraq" comment he made. I DISAGREED WITH HIM. Now what I see happening in America, The "Democrats" and the "Republicans" are bickering back and forth every day. We 300 million Americans wake up (every day) and watch the news. "Oh, it's (the fault of you) Democrats!" "Oh, it's you Republicans!" What they are doing is very easy. They are dividing us into half. 150 million Republicans. 150 million Democrats. They're trying to tell us there are two choices. In a country of 300 million people, there are two choices for President. Either this guy who says we're going to war with Iraq or this guy who says we're going to war with Libya. That's a false choice. And what's happening is the media is controlling the conversation of the American people. Facebook, The Huffington Post, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, CBS, and so on. All of those different companies are controlling the conversation, by showing us how the news is supposed to be shared amongst each other. We, the American people, I'm sorry to tell you, We've become sheep. We just listen to one sentence, and we overreact and say "Oh my God! How dare the person say that?!?" Wow. We don't analyze enough, think about things enough, make our own conclusions. What we've done is let the media tell us who's winning the race for the Presidency, who's in first place now, who the top tier is.... and all the other issues where they control the conversation. We MUST understand that there are 300 million of us and maybe 5,000 or 10,000 of them. Here's the problem. Theym is six companies. I mean S-I-X. Six companies own (virtually) the entire media Maybe I would say 90 to 95% of the media is controlled by six companies. Those six companies love the way things are going now. Every one of us, we're broke, we're trying out best to survive, keep a roof over our heads Trying to work, and make the best of things that we can. We're exhausted by the end of the day, and we may watch football, we may watch TV, or we may talk with friends. Just trying to put the day behind us. But every day that we do that, we give them more power to keep things the way they are. And at some point, you guys are going to wake up and realize, "Oh my God, what happened to this country?". Your children will say, "Mom, Dad, why did you lay back and do nothing?". I, for one, am letting you know directly, I REFUSE (to stand by idly). I will work, I will post, inform, etc. If you are annoyed by that, just "unfriend" me. Simple. If you support me, welcome! I'd be happy to discuss things with you. I need you to understand that the Democrats and Republicans bickering.... (SIGH) Ignore that. Yourselves need to research the issues that you personally believe in. It's not simply those two choices for everyone! I wish it was, but it's not. I'll probably vlog on more issues later. Thanks for listening. I'm sorry if I got upset, but I couldn't help it after I saw the disturbing news from today. Thank you. Bye. Go to (for 100+ captioned political videos)

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Here are my personal comments on the US Assassination policies of the Obama administration. This is my first vlog and I am only subtitling it for hearing people in hopes that this will set an example for them to caption their own vlogs.

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