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How to copyright anything

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You've worked hard to create original material such as songs, photographs, books or software code. This material is unique because it's been made through your creativity and skills The least you deserve is recognition and perhaps some financial gain for all your efforts. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks so, and instancies of copyright theft and plagiary are on the increase How would you feel if you posted your songs on Myspace or Facebook and later found out someone had stolen them and re-recorded them under another name? Can you trust posting your photographs on Flickr, your videos on Youtube ... or sending out manuscripts to a publisher? How can you prove you were the original creator? How can you ensure you get the recognition you deserve? The key to protecting your material is in copyright Thanks to the international agreement on copyright ... also called the "Berne Convention"... if you can prove you are the original creator, you automatically own the copyright in the 163 countries. Including all of Europe, the Americas, Australia and most of Asia. ProveMyCopyright is an online service which does just that! We're an independent third party... which allows you to prove you were the original creator. When you've signed up for an account... ... you simply log in and start uploading your material. Your massive 5Gb account means everytime you create something new, you can upload it and register it on our servers at no extra cost. This is great if you create lots of material such as songwriters, photographers and programmers... ... as you don't have to pay per file. You get 5Gb of account size... which should be enough for thousands of songs, photos & files. You even have space for demo or work-in-progress files... which means you are registered from the very beginning. When you upload your files, you can attach descriptive names to make them easier to find later on. Every time a file is uploaded, ProveMyCopyright takes a "Digital Fingerprint" which is unique and matches that file exactly. We call this the "Unique ID" The "Unique ID" can belong to no other file. We also time-stamp your file, so we know exactly when it was loaded onto our servers. No one has the possibility to change either the "Unique ID", or the timestamp ...and this allows us as an independent third party... to say with 100% certainty that we can guarantee that you were in control of the files at that exact point in time... ...and are claiming the copyright associated with them. As soon as you have claimed a registration, our system sends you an email confirming the registration, the time and the unique ID. You now have independent proof that you are the copyright owner... ... which lasts for the lifetime of the creator plus 70 years. As a bonus to all ProveMyCopyright account holders, you even get free file storage and backup of your files which keeps them secure incase you have a failure on your home computer. We will keep secure backups of all your files, which you alone have acces to and can download at any time. for the lifetime of your account plus an amazing 10 years! Your files are easily searchable, and we have nice features to help you navigate them including friendly descriptive names and both image and audio previews. Thank you for watching this video and for your interest in we hope you sign up for our service so we can help you secure your unique material and you can concentrate on doing what you do best... ...creating it !

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How to copyright songs, copyright books, copyright photos using Prove My Copyright.

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