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Moamar Kadafi is he really a jew? his grandmother was!

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The question is Moamr Kadafi Jewish? good morning Rhachel Sada and Githa brown ©you say you are the relatives of Moamar Kadafi how long have you known that you were relatives? There were rumors about it from our grandfathers that he was a relative his mother is my grandmother's sister How did he ever get to this status of governing? I It is strictly coincidental that he became head of state was his mother selma? his grandmother went with an Arab Sheik she left her husband from the previous marriage where she bore him a son Rahel says " I heard this story from family members that Kadafi's grandmother was married to a Jewish man and bore him a son , she fled from being mistreated and married a Muslim Sheik and from them was born Kadafi's mother He is not from a Jewish decedent but a Jew, ( according to Jewish religion if the mother is a Jew this is the picture after Kadafi's speech @ the UN and visiting Tripoli synagogues I encountered typically peoples ' The same humor and theatricals that is what a Tripoli person is like when I received an email from ms sada where she says you were wondering when I heard his speech on the radio where he reminded me of an old Tripolitan I went to my father and said that it was mentioned on the radio that Kadafi reminds synagogue members of tripolitan my father replied that he is really a relative then he told me the whole story tell me, with all this evidence, how come it's only now being told What do you think? is that the only thing we have in our heads? we have so many things to think about, families children and so on..... but listen, this has a considerable meaning in this story there are people attached in conjunction in our familiar discussion it is not such pride to have a member of the family marryingsome one out of our faith resulting in an outcome of such a leader In this story there are involved a lot of family members and relatives that we did not want to come out with this story In fact I did want to come out with this story because I just discovered it if I didn't know about this, then there must be other relatives that didn't know your analogy is that you not only have a family member that fled but did a taboo There's another story that my grand mother tells about Kadafi Jews and Muslims lived in close proximity Kadafi tells my grandmother that he gave my Aunt camels meat to eat she was just a young girl. Was he just fibbing? my grandmother told my grandfather and my grandfather was upset so he spanked Kadafi which means a child's spanning our attention turns to professor Ronen specializing in Libyan affairs at the University of Bar Ilan, good morning What about all the rumors and intertwining stories that are told during centuries? It is a beautiful and intriguing story, it would be a shame to spoil it, but it has no basis in documentation it doesn't mean that the story isn't true I guess there some truth to this story because I heard about it several times it goes up and down up and down because there are no concrete basis that doesn't mean that the story is not true because as mentioned that Jews and Muslims lived in close proximity harmoniously and since such relations of coexistence are favorable to romantic outcomes so this story is one of this out comes that doesn't mean that Kadafi is going to be a lover of Zion and will not be a visitor in our pad I hear this story and I 'm intrigued of how much this story is a testimonial of how special the Libyan Jewry is here is a family that is so protective of the history, not of the relationship to a Leader as Kadafi, but to a member of the family that absconded Talking about being a Tripolitan with so many Tripolitan personalities its an amazing phenomenon, I want to be a Tripolitan, can I?i I really identify with the Libyan Jewry, it is a real big pride I wonder if through the Mosad to send him a plate of Mafroum to remind him of his youth that he has forgotten Ms. Brown says " he often visits Italy where there are many Libyan restaurants he went to Italy and gave restitution to Libyan Jews that fled persecutions from Libya but he never gave any restitution to Jews that fled to Israel Prof, Ronen, in respect to this, in Libya lived 35K Jews which most 95% migrated to Israel they left behind an enormous amount of wealth, which Kadafi proclaimed in 1970 that restitution would be given to Israeli Libyans. that never happened in his speeches he mentions " our brothers Jews he is indicating to that fact Ms brown says that Kadafi never mention derogatory remarks against Jews, he might indicate the injustices of various countries but never against Jews Ms. Brown do you see any resembles in the physiognomy of some of your relatives? I can't tell you for sure but I will confirm and tell you later

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Posted by: vrcohanim on May 19, 2010

Githa Brown from Tripoli today Libya is Moamar Kadafi's cousin, their 2 grand mothers were sisters,

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