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Godfrey Bloom is given the Soviet treatment

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UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom is given the Soviet treatment, Europarl, Strasbourg, Nov 24, 2010 The EU is falling apart into three elements. France and Germany, the rest of the eurozone, and then the non-eurozone. Centered around the special position of the United Kingdom. And the special position of the United Kingdom needs looking at. Merkel and Sarkozy have done a deal with Cameron. Everybody knows that and it has to be said openly: According to the deal, there is to be a treaty change with the Stability Pact. Cameron says, "yes ok," although the House of Commons doesn't want it but in return Cameron gets the budget he wants. And Sarkozy and Merkel have agreed. That's the reality of Europe. That's not only nothing to do with a community spirit. In fact, they're tearing the European Union apart. In the long run, it will tear the European Union apart. And there are those, there are those who want that. They applaud. There they are, overthere. If you don't want those people overthere to call the shots in Europe in the future, then you have to take Europe in another direction. Bloom: Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer! I'll try to continue as best I can despite the interruptions... Yes, I won't be long, Mr President. Please... I don't have very much speaking time but I just have one more point to make. I don't know if people heard that. One nation, one empire, one leader. That's what that man overthere said. "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer" were his exact words. Buzek: President, time is over, please finish your last remarks, last remarks. Mr President, I won't be long. When a man like that traipses through this chamber chanting "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer"... there were people in Germany who said that and I fight that spirit in everything I do but I'm not sure he does. President, I cannot accept what you have just said, sir. We are in a democracy. This is a democratic area and I would ask you to apologize. I would ask you to make an official apology. Otherwise we are going to launch a complaint. You know, there are people who have said less than that and I'm sorry, this is not acceptable. You know, I'm always surprised you didn't add concetration camps to the equation. Settle the problem that way. Dear colleagues, we must go ahead. Moment, moment, moment... I will take it into account. I will take it into account. I will read you... I will take it into account. The President shall call to order any Member who disrupts the smooth conduct of the proceedings or whose conduct fails to comply with the relevant provisions of Rule 9. So I will ask you, colleague, to apologize [to] the Chamber. Views expressed by Herr Schulz meet the case. He is an undemocratic fascist! Colleagues, we expected something quite different. Because we wouldn't like our discussion to be disturbed in such a way. So I will call you, colleague, to the meeting with me and we must take decision for the next steps. Thank you. Oh, it is impossible to keep our discussion in such atmosphere. Colleague, as you see, the Chamber is protesting very deeply against your behaviour. It is Article number 152, Point number 3. I will read it in my mother tongue. Should the disturbance continue, or if a further offence is committed, the offender may be denied the right to speak and may be excluded from the Chamber. The Secretary-General shall, without delay, see to it that such disciplinary measures are carried out, with the assistance of the ushers and, if necessary, of Parliament's Security Service. As you know, most of the Members in the Chamber cannot accept your behaviour. I would therefore ask you to leave the Chamber at this point. Colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, you can discuss and you can express your opinion but not to disturb each other. That afternoon, after Vice President McMillan-Scott replaced President Jerzy Buzek in the chair. During the debate on the European Council, an incident occurred... I don't want to elaborate on that incident because I was the target of an insult Now, there are various levels on which I can't be insulted and which I don't feel as an insult because you really have to actually have a certain degree of seriousness to your insult for it to actually affect me but I would like to express my thanks for the enumerable signs of solidarity that I have received. I'd like to thank colleagues from all political groups. That is a sign of our shared democratic and European values. Because the vast majority of Members of this House share them and thank you very much for that. The incident referred to was a protest by Mr Bloom in which he made war-time allusions of Mr Schulz. And the President said this was unacceptable and invited Mr Bloom to apologize. Mr Bloom did not apologize then. And I call on him now to do so. And if he does not do so, he must leave the Chamber. Mr Bloom... Yet again, yet again, there is one rule for Herr Schulz and one rule for everybody else. This is a disgrace, I have been elected, re-elected to vote in this Chamber by the people Yorkshire, your own constituency, I might add, with a democratic mandate which you do not enjoy, Mr President, yourself because you switched parties and they voted for the Conservatives. I have no intention of apologizing, I have no intention of leaving this Chamber, you must have me escorted out, sir! First of all, Mr Bloom, I was expelled by the Conservative Party for making a stand on a point of principle closely related to the issues you raised this morning. Secondly, you have not apologized for language which was wholly inappropriate to the European Parliament and I ask you to leave. Mr Bloom, we are not taking... I'm sorry, I'm not taking any points of order on this. I have a proposal to make. I can ask the Security Services to remove Mr Bloom but I intend to put it to the vote. Is it the wish of the House that Mr Bloom should leave? Those in favour, please raise your hands. Thank you. Those who wish Mr Bloom to stay, please raise your hands. Those abstaining. Now, Mr Bloom. I will accept one statement from Mr Farage, the group leader of his group. Mr President, the reason for the anger and the noise is because we're not actually applying the rules of this place evenly. Mr Schulz has repeatedly thrown insults not just at me but at many Members of this House. He said that the Eurosceptics, the "no" voters opened the door to fascism We had Danny Cohn-Bendit calling us mentally ill. Can we, Mr President,... you know, if the rules are... that something is deemed to be an insult the Member is asked to leave... that's fair enough but the anger, and I share that anger, is these rules are not applied evenly. Mr Schulz regularly calls other people fascists and when he's called one the Member in question is asked to leave, that isn't right, that isn't fair. Mr Farage, I don't wanna prolong this, I don't wanna prolong this but can I just make the observation, this is incorrect. What Mr Bloom said in two interventions -- one from the floor and one from his place, both were heard by many people and both were unacceptable in parliamentary terms. The House wants Mr Bloom to leave. That's its expression. If he does not do so people will infer from that his attitude towards the democratic process. Mr Bloom, I'm going to invoke Rule 152. If you will not leave, I'll have you removed. I've discussed this with the President, and I have his support for this. Bloom: Do your damnedest! Thank you. Mr Daule, you wanted to intervene. President, if you would allow. What I said this morning. It's unacceptable, the way in which Mr Bloom has behaved. Secondly, we're in a democratic Parliament. We decided deomcratically, Mr Bloom, that you should leave the Chamber. Please, do have the honor that the request of Parliament be obliged and please leave the Chamber. Under Rule 152(4), I regret that this incident is obstructing the good business of the House I therefore intend to suspend the sitting for five minutes. The sitting is suspended for five minutes.

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► European Parliament, Strasbourg - 24 November 2010

► Speakers (in sequence):
1. Martin Schulz, Co-president of the Socialist Group (S&D)
2. Godfrey Bloom, UKIP, Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) Group
3. Nigel Farage, UKIP, Co-President of the EFD group;

Chairs: Jerzy Buzek MEP (EPP), President of the European Parliament
Edward McMillan-Scott MEP (ALDE), Vice President of the European Parliament

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