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This Christmas

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You told him six o'clock, right? You should have told him four, 'cause then he would be here on time. Where your Christmas spirit at, come on. [camera click] [joyful screams] Merry Christmas! (narrator) There's nothing like the holidays... Hey everybody! Merry Christmas! (guys) hey! hey! She got a name, Holmes? um, um. She did always like them articulate [camera click] (narrator) make you want to come home. [cell phone rings] What's with that thing, man? My lady, she wants me in (unintelligible) Thank you. You mind uh.. Just pass the plate over here, I'll chew it for him too. Shut up Kimberly. [background] aw, come on (narrator)...and nothing like your relatives... What are you doing? This is your mother's house - bad girl! make you wish... Where you going? Out! I'm coming with... (woman) I want to go too. (other woman) We're going. (narrator) hadn't. I just got to find the right time, and a way to tell her, that' s all. ♪ them young girls, they don't forget it ♪ Well I'll be damned.. It's impossible for that boy to be honest with you. (woman) Honest about what? Where's Clark? He's in jail. I came home because I promised Sandy. Who's Sandy? Do I know you? That's your daugher-in-law. This is not funny. No it's not, but I am going to keep drinking until it is. Is everybody keeping secrets from me now? oooh. [a scream] Sit up when I 'm talking to you. (narrator)This November... Y'all want me to make something? [all say] No! Merry Christmas. [camera click] What is it baby, that you can't exactly tell me? [♪] ...the night (narrator)...there's no place... You were pretty naughty last night, but Santa can't say it wasn't nice. [whispering] You slept with Santa? Technically, yes. Ho Ho Ho! (narrator) family I've never seen her this happy. She's loving that everybody's here. I hope that every Christmas is as wonderful as this Christmas. [camera click] (narrator) This Christmas We gotta make cookies for the kids to leave Santa. [whispering] He's already had Kelly's cookies. [captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 27, 2010

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