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Jason's lecture

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Who is Rupert Murdock? Probably the most powerful media person in the world Have you heard the fox news? I don’t know what it’s like in Spain but in United States we have news channels and this is “news” so imagine that you have a news channel that is essentially propaganda propaganda is the same word in Spanish, right? So this channel is owned by an Australian.Rupert Murdock is not American, he’s from Australia This news channel twenty four hours a day is for the republicans for republicans and against the democrats Now, if you ask Rupert Murdock: “Are you against the democrats?", he would say I like republican ideas better this is his diplomatic answer However Ruperf Murdoch Just gave oh... excuse me, on Fox News, just gave 8 million dollars to Republican Party. A News channel giving a political party money. That... that stinks. So Is Fox News objective? The answer is no definitely not. They're saying (nods) but their words are definitely not. So we have Sarah Palin talking about Barack Obama killing babies with disease. and Fox News they had a question for the people at home. Do you think Barack Obama’s healthcare should kill babies? Something like this. And you are at home and you thing “No, of course not” We hope that but I think we are sure that most cathepriests are good people just like most Gothenburgs are good people, but we only see the bad things. So Euport Murdock is not in American system he has made huge influence on the bade in United States . But ok. So What happens with the public option? Indoors bye bye. And now it’s drudge in the ville. We have So the house of representients the second, ok? We have two varies of parliament cold Cambrice of the four hundred and thirty fife cambricmen and cambricewomen a president deep a hundred and ninety republicans in the second 40 of the 100 are republicans so, of this 230, three of them voted yes for Healthcare. Three out of 230! They talk, the republicans, so news' websites are all for republicans, talk about these like they are judist. You know, the guy that took the silver if you say that's judist you can kill him. They talk about these people like they're judist. So, the Healthcare bill ends up being somewhere about here. The base of your debate is so extreme is because of world event. So, are you sure we have our own feelings about september 11. But, the point is, in september 10, 2001, the majority of politicians were about here heres the middle, we have 50% here, 50% here. After September 11th, this whole body moved this way, over here towards the republicans. Most of the repuclicant party is about here today, anything to the left of this, is "socialism", for them. Now, if you ask a republican what this socialism means, and you listen to their answer as Europeans you will think they no nothing about socialism. For them socialism means "no freedom". What does that mean "No Freedom"? Em...So, here we have Barack Obama this the centre, Barack Obama is abontright there. They talk about him like he's Hitler, you know the any Germany go years ago, the one who tries to take over the wold and kill jews and gypsies and homosexuals. A guy who wants rich people to pay a little bit more, so poor people cannot help insurance is like Hitler. This is the political debate in United States. You have people asking their congress man: Why are you forming this nazi policy? And you thing: wait a second! Actually, nazis world... over here so, the republicans only see the world nationalistic-socialism and I thing it's here. They don't understand that nazis were here, so, they're acusing Barack Obama of being... this is what I've to explain. . .

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