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Titanic's last survivor

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Millvina Dean was only a baby when she was carried on to RMS Titanic in Southampton. Her family were heading to a new life in Kansas City, where they planned to open a tobacco store. But events in the early hours of the 15th of April were to change those plans forever. My father, apparently, was on deck, when they heard the crash. And he came back, apparently, and said: "The ship has struck an iceberg, get the children out of bed and on deck as quick as possible" I was so small, they couldn't get me... they couldn't get me a lifeboat... ...lifebelt... so I was put in a sack, and put overboard. Millvina's father went down with the ship, and she returned with her mother and brother to Southampton, where she spent most of the next century. She didn't learn of her brush with disaster until she was eight years old. But in her later years, she was in high demand around the world as the last living link with the ship. But while she was keen to keep the story of Titanic alive, Millvina was unimpressed when divers started to explore the wreck on the ocean floor, describing it as "morbid". In recent years, Millvina needed financial assistance to help pay for her full-time nursing care, and last month BBC newsline reported on a special fund, set up to help her. It was supported by Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet, people who starred in the blockbuster movie about Titanic. Signed photographs were sold, but the real star of Titanic was never into collectables. No, I don't like them at all, I mean... books that people have written... are given to me... otherwise I don't at all, probably I don't have much time, anyhow. And time was indeed running short, for the Titanic's last passenger. She passed away peacefully yesterday at her care home in Hampshire. David Maxwell, BBC Newsline.

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