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Rav - Toldot - Mind Over Matter PART 4

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Created more than another person That´s about the maximum that you see You create! What do you create? Even if you build a factory, you don´t create a factory! You create a business! You don´t create a business!? Do you create a business? or you put together a business? You don´t create business, I mean, like It was something like this there before I came along the scene? Of course! Let's I wanna go into the manufacturer of dresses Am I creating a business? I'm putting together something that is already in existance 'cause somebody else is manufacturing and so I'm duplicating that which is there, it's not creation! Creation means what? Something that wasn't there before and now through my hands becomes creation! We think that we created a business, "someone just started a business!" What did he do when he starts a business? He creates something new? Or he puts together the ingredients that create something? The body is one of those aspects by which the force becomes revealed But it's very minor you might say in relation to what? To the whole world! Could we create planet mars? Does anybody think we can create planet mars? No. Do we think we can create a building? Let's take it right down, not to a planet! Do we think we can create planet Earth? We call Earth a planet! Can we create planet Earth? No! May be we can build the building! So we build the building by ourselves? with our mind? Nobody has done it yet! Right? Although, Although, From the Torah, we learned in parashat Noach, that how did the people of the Tower of Babel build that skyscraper by mind! The same way, as we said, that Rabbi Shimon even if he didn't have water could still make that plant grow, because he would take the reality of 99% of water, and feed it! The physical part, that 1% it was missing, He didn't need that 1% ! He could put thinks together on another level ! What is water? 99% of atoms and 1% and 1% of a corporeal matter Is it the 1% that makes that plant live? or is it the 99% that makes that plant live? Why can´t my hand go through this wood? Because the wood are the 99% of the atoms. The answer is the 99% of atoms that exist here in a unified state, in a unified revealed state, so my hand can't go through it ! Only the 1% put together, but the force that prevents my hand from going through the table is not the 1% ! 99% ! But why can my hand go why can my hand go through these same atoms in the air? Because that 1% is missing! However, that does not preclude that Rabbi Shimon, with his mind, could not put together that 99% ! Why? Is the mind more powerful than the 1% wood? Yes or no? Of course! Mind over matter! Doesn't everyone agree to that? Mind over matter ! Is that right? That's what we said before: Rabbi Shimon could water that plant! [someone]: so we can´t put our hand through Because of the 99% [Someone]: Because of the 99%, That´s correct ! [Someone]: that actually whatever manifests in this table is the 1% !? But what made it reveal that made it into a mess! where in the air it's not! in the air its not! Although, even in the air there is friction Why is that friction? Because to a certain extent, They are also a mess in the air! If the atoms weren't a force in the air, there would be no friction! Is that correct? [someone]: Now, the mind could overcome [Someone]: the 99% ... And govern and direct the 99% into a power the same way as this 1% piece of wood! [Someone]: in other words, the mind could separate [Someone]: that table...the 99% from that table [Someone]: from the 1% Of course! That´s how Rabbi Shimon could walk through walls! What's the problem ? That's how I told the Aroon, I said: What has been the latest development since the plane came into exist? He says: "Nothing! Nothing! Except systems are more advanced, but the plane remains basically a plane! You got to have a force that can push that plane in air. A force that pushes that button. But there has been no development! I said: Well I guess the next development is If somehow this plane when it lifts off, like it happens in outer space, It will go through the air, and the atoms will separate. How long and how fast will this plane go? No time ! Because there is accumulation of atoms in the air that act as a block like they do here, at another level! But it's the same thing! At that level, that was Einstein's revelation about atoms, right ?! That's what we call a friction. But what is it? It's really the same thing of a table all over again. How could that Rabbi Shimon fly from a spot to Yerushalayim or the Ari in a split second How could he do it in a split second? No problem! He governs He governed the intelligences of the atoms He says: "Look, spread out! Let me through! " Let's say, conceivably that he did that. We understand how he can get there in a minute, But please we can understand if he had that power Now I know that power exists on what level? On the outer space connection level! Take the Astronaut: How fast does he go? He goes 25.000 miles/ hour ! So far, no plane can travel 25.000 miles/hour, Mach 2, Mach 3... right ?! 1800 miles/ hour 2.200 miles/ hour and then you need all these equipments, The astronaut up there can circle the circunference of the Earth in how long? 1 hour ! by walking ! What does that indicate to us? These so called atoms, these intelligences that are grouped together to create the impass do not exist over there ! At another level, they don't exist ! Rabbi Shimon created that same condition there, here! So you can walk right through !

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