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Dell Networking’s OS10 platform is designed around new benchmarks for open software modularity so users can create the most efficient and flexible paths across networked systems. OS10 is comprised of the Open Edition and various application modules. What had formerly been bundled into tightly-integrated, vendor-specific stacks, has been separated to enhance customer choice, control and programmability. The OS10 Open Edition runs a fully-open, unmodified Linux distribution, to leverage its community-based benefits and flexibility to interact with the application layer above it. Below it, the OS 10 Open Edition employs the Open Compute Project, Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI) that enables a common, programmer-friendly language between vendor network operating systems and the particular silicon residing on the physical switch. Today, SAI helps web-scale companies and cloud providers take advantage of the latest silicon innovation by enabling them to program the switches more granularly. On top of Open Edition, OS10 can support traditional networking functions as well as numerous third-party, native Linux, and open source applications such as IP, fabric, and security services combined with management and automation tools. This allows customers to tailor IT operations for different use case and operational processes. OS10 from Dell Networking gives customers a springboard to innovate their networks more quickly and consistently in a framework that can extend, truly making the software-defined data center a reality.

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Duration: 1 minute and 45 seconds
Language: English
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Posted by: ralph_jung on Jun 6, 2016


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