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Your Own Worst Enemy

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So he crossed the ford - look at verse 22 - he crossed the ford of the Jabbok Say what? The who now? The Jabbok? Jacob crossed the Jabbok Let me try it like this All his life he thought he was fighting against Esau For 21 years he thought he was running from Esau But God showed up to show him that the only real enemy that he was ever fighting against - See I've learned this because I want to digress for a minute - That the real enemy is not the issue I see You life will change Your marriage will change You relationships will change when you stop trying to fix Esau Jacob crossed the Jabbok Do you think those two sound similar by accident? Do you think that there is a sense of poetic justice in the mind of God? That he wants to show us that all the time you were running from Esau All the time you were running from issues All the time you were running from relationships All the time you were running from fears The only issue is you and if you can get right with you, you can get right with God And if you can get right with God, God can make it right with Esau Touch three people and tell them 'get over yourself' That's the real enemy - is the enemy within me It's the Jabbok I've gotta cross It's my pride I've gotta get over It's my regret I've gotta get over It's my start I've gotta get over It's not your issue that's holding you back It's me God, it's me, it's me! I won't let you go till you bless me The practical implications of this revelation are staggering If the only thing you really have to cross over is your own misconceptions of what it means to be accepted by God You're gonna be all good Single, you're gonna be all good Married, you're gonna be all good Get over yourself. That's my message today. Get over yourself, Jacob If you can get over your conniving, scheming, dysfunctional ways God will fix your relationships On the other hand, if you don't get over yourself you're going to carry your issues into your next relationship and your issues are only going to increase when they are multiplied by the human interaction that is required for you to connect with another person when you have not even learned to correctly connect with yourself That's free

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Steven Furtick.

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