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SRA: Structural Resonance Alignment

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What is Structural Resonance Alignment? -Part One- 07 September 2009 What is Structural Resonance Alignment? Structural Resonance Alignment is born out of the fact - when we observed in our research, that: both dimensional beings and human beings and animals and plants and all that is here in form have no idea how they're actually creating this reality. And is actually under the impression that they are not creating it. And in - because they don't understand how they are actually creating it they've created all kinds of fascinating delusions, like God, divinity, angels, love and you name it, something that is apparently responsible for this creation. Now, in fact: everyone that is here, in Unison, in Oneness, is creating and is responsible for every part of creation as it exist, right now. Every part of you within the principle: 'as above, so below' is existent within you - holographically - within the principle of quantum mechanics, quantum physics - and you, purely as the design and the way you are currently existing, is actually in unison - that means: together with everyone-else creating reality exactly the way it is now. And as a singular human being you cannot get out of it, because you're locked into it - because: as you're existing here, you are also existing in everyone-else, and according to that principle: you are locked into everyone-else, and therefore: if all don't get out you don't get out - you're pretty much fucked. So Structural Resonance Alignment is a process within which we will assist each one with the technology with which you can communicate with yourself and purify yourself and release yourself from this particular Oneness - using equality. Because this particular Oneness is a form of competition, where there are some that are feverishly attempting to 'win all the time', like through the Law of Attraction and 'Abundance' and 'Love' and 'Joy' and 'Compassion' - and all kinds of bullshit. While the reality is: they will never give a fucking moment to those that really are suffering - so that they can live in their 'Pretty Glass Houses'. Now, these 'Pretty Glass Houses' of 'Spirituality', 'Divinity' and 'Love and Light': is going to shatter. And the Real Light is going to come in and illumine the inner darkness of our 'Elite' in this world which are all those that follow some form of delusional idea that they are not creating this reality and that give that responsibility to some 'Greater Force'. There is no greater force than you. You are the force of existence. You are the one that is enforcing what is here in this world - you just don't understand how you are doing it. It's going to take a little while, because you've allowed this for a very, very long time, and if you don't get it - I mean, you'll just simply be fucked. Meaning that you simply will not survive this event. I mean, these things are very specifically written and you've been prepared for this from the beginning of time - because before time existed you were already what you are now. And time is purely created so that you can have a look at yourself and who you really are and that you've never really been actually One and Equal as life as existence as creators. You have only abused each-other from the very beginning, which is fascinating, because I mean: the answer has always been obvious. Therefore: the test that is laid out before each-one is the ultimate test: you have been programmed in a way where there is no way out. There is only one way out, which is: Equality and Oneness. So no matter 'what you do', no matter 'how you try', no matter 'what you believe', no matter... There is nothing you can do to get out of this. You have to become self-honest, you have to become pure life, in fact, in and as a living reality. You don't do that: you will be disregarded. There is no 'middle line'. There is no forgiveness, but self-forgiveness. There is no honesty, but self-honesty. There is no common sense, but practical common sense that can actually be lived in space-time. If you cannot live in space-time, Equal as Life as All as One: you cannot live in any other reality - even the timeless - without such point. You are then fucked in all realities. It's obvious common sense I mean: 'as above, so below'. I mean, that's such a beautiful point that everyone profess so magically, apparently will save your ass - it won't. I mean, it's the fucking point that binds you to the shit that has been going on in this world, it's the point that shows you that when you die nothing will be different to what you have right now. I mean, 'as above, so below', you know the big and the small, the vastness of the universe I mean, what does that imply? It implies: you're fucked no matter where you are. I mean, this is my 'Message of Love', imagine that. Part Two to Continue...

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Posted by: tullepie on Sep 13, 2009

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