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Peter Joseph Interview | 11/14/08, 1 of 7

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Welcome to the Friday addition of the Power Hour, this is Dave. And Joyce! And we are very happy to have joining us for a return engagement a gentleman who has made a major contribution not just to this country, but to the entire world, with his most controversial film Zeitgeist. And I say that because it is controversial, it is created a, shall I say, rippleeffect around the world. And there are worldwide screams going on of Zeitgeist. It's been translated into I have no idea how many languages, and I am thrilled to have joining us Mr. Peter Joseph producer of Zeitgeist, and the new Zeitgeist Addendum. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us today. Welcome back, Peter. Thank you David I appreciate that. It's good to be back. Oh I am thrilled and honored to have you joining us again. Before we get into the new film Zeitgeist Addendum, i was hoping that you might give the listeners a little bit of a background, and you have been doing films for quite some time. What were you doing before Zeitgeist happened? Commerical work primarily, a really small time commercial work in New York City. People often ask me why I don't talk about my history more, Mainly its because my history is very unimpressive. As I got out of high school I moved to New York many years ago To go to music-school actually. To be a music performer is very difficult in New York City so, even though I attempted to do that for a little while to be a composer and a musician It was very difficult to make ends meet, so I started to move into film I found there was an interesting connections between music-composition and film editing as far as phrasing and things like that, so... essentially I started doing that, i was never classically trained at any capacity, i just picked it up. And I started getting work doing different commercial freelance editing in New York City, basically that is what I have been doing ever since. The first documentary that I ever made, or the first feature-length films, I ever made were Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum. Well...I mean for a first effort. You certainly did hit one out of the park. You hit numerous ones out of the park. Now, what was it? What gave you the impetus or the motivation, to do Zeitgeist. What was it? you didn't just know all this stuff? Where did you get your information, what gave you the kick in the butt to get you rolling on this? Honestly, I mean I've always tracked different points in regards to, you know the issues presented through time. Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by religion. I was raised religious for a little while. It came more of an interest of mine To see this incredible amount of information that people believed. And you know I just thought about it, it was always apart of me ever since I was a little kid. Ever since i was exposed to it to begin with I just immense curiosity. So that's one side of it. But the real trigger was 9/11, because i started looking at the power structures. Obviously if your paying any attention to the United States or the world You see there's a massive problem with all governments, everywhere. and what i came to find was you know when 9/11 came around, I was like this is just way too much. and i was terrified of the political ramifications the moment it happened.

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Interview with Peter Joseph on The Power Hour, 11/14/08 Part 1 of 7

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