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ابو شخيدم Final Story

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LTD School Project: “My Future Career is the Path to My Success” "My Future Career is the Path to My Success” resulted from our school self-assessment to develop our school improvement plan (through the USAID-funded LTD Program implemented by AMIDEAST). We found our students having low motivation and had poor study skills and work habits, and low self-esteem. The project really improved my self-confidence, as well as my respect for the teachers, our parents and for the school facilities. I can express myself better, and more clearly present my opinions and ideas about my learning. There has been continuous improvement in the students’ study skills and behavior, and improvements in the level of their academic achievement, in the development of their learning skills, as well as their multiple intelligences and overall learning styles. The students' self-esteem has improved and they take more responsibility for themselves, which has greatly improved their motivation and love of learning. The career project boosted our motivation and encouraged us to study harder. My grades have improved because I have real goals and aspirations I want to accomplish. I really want improve my achievement and my grades in order to reach my goals and achieve my dreams. The project has been an inspiration, thanks in big part to the support of teachers and the principal. Our principal has worked very hard with us, providing guidance and counselling to help us make the right career choices, and about many other things as well. "Our vision is to create a student-friendly environment throughout school community by 2017."

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Posted by: louis1954 on Mar 9, 2016

ابو شخيدم Final Story

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