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TED's new translation program using dotSUB - introduced by June Cohen TED 09

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Welcome back to the TED stage June Cohen. [applause]

Hi. So it's a little hard for some of us here to actually remember that only 2 1/2 years ago TED was actually a closed meeting. What happened at TED stayed at TED. But Chris had the thought that these talks deserved a wider audience. And so in 2006 we launched TEDTalks to the world. In 2007 we launched, and we've been humbled and thrilled and kind of standing in awe of what's happened to these talks-- --as they have made their way out into the world and really taken on a life of their own. They're now launched by men and women of every age in every country on earth. They're emailed, they're blogged, they're Twittered. They're watched in boardrooms and--really--in bedrooms and classrooms. They're used to spark ideas, they're used to share ideas. And we've just been really standing in amazement of it.

One of the things that strikes us the most is just the feedback that we get from people outside of this community-- --people who can't join us at the conference or watching live-- --and I want to share 1 or 2 of those thoughts with you. We'll give it a second. Every morning I have my coffee, toast, and TEDTalk. I laugh as I learn. With every segment I watch, there's never a time when I'm not moved, inspired, curious, excited. TED is such a gift. There are no words. has changed my thinking, my behavior, and therefore, my life. We get these all the time through email.

One of our favorites recently just came up on Twitter, though. [audience laughter] So we love all our users and so we wrote to this woman. It was late night in the office, and we were like, "You made our night with this Twitter posting." Here's what she wrote back. I doubt you realize how much TED touches those of us who fall on the nongenius, little guy end of the spectrum. And that's one of the things I just wanted to convey to you here today. These emails and blog posts come in to us because we happen to have a email address-- --but that gratitude and feeling is really directed at everyone in this room. The only reason that we're able to do and to do TEDTalks is by the generosity of the people here-- --the speakers who allow us to publish their talks, the sponsors who underwrite it, and I think especially to everyone who attends the event.

In a way, you have really given us the permission to let the whole world in on what was once a delicious secret-- --and we are so grateful for that and hope that you feel the gratitude that we do all the time-- --for people who get to experience TED outside of this room. I want you to keep that in mind as I just let you know that in the next 2 weeks-- --we'll be announcing that TEDTalks have now been watched 100 million times around the world. [audience applause] Now, that loosely translates to 500 million video minutes-- --which means that the people of earth have collectively watched 1,000 years of TEDTalks. [laughing and applause]

But what I want to do next is just unveil to you the new features that we're going to be rolling out onto next month. We're really excited about this It represents the next phase of the site and the next phase of our thinking-- --as we work to bring TED out to the entire world. If we could switch to the live demo. Live. I'll cross my fingers as one does with live demos. Great. So, beginning in March we will be rolling out the TED translation program-- --with significant underwriting and support from Nokia, who are also supporting our TED Fellows program. We're now able to do a number of things. So again, I'm running this live. I'll be on my side as this begins. Let me just turn the sound up.

So every talk on TED will now have subtitles attached to it. There are transcripts that we've painstakingly created to make sure that they're accurate. Every single talk we will able to-- What? Am I doing something wrong? That's okay. That's all right. They don't need the sound for this. Thank you, Shane. I didn't mention the sound. In any case, every talk will have English subtitles. But then if you want to watch it in German, for example, or maybe you want to watch a TEDTalk in Hindi-- --we'll wait a moment for Hindi to come on. It goes on from there. Japanese. Swahili. Tamil. [applause] Thai.

What we're trying to do here is go beyond just the sort of standard 10 languages that everybody uses online-- --and this is really, of course, in the spirit of Wade Davis's talk-- --which is about the tragedy of language loss and the importance of encouraging language diversity. The way we're going to do this is 2 different ways. We've translated 6 talks on the site into 25 different languages. This isn't just English, German, French. We're translating into Tamil, into Persian, into Hindi, into Pashto, into Swahili, into Hausa. But on top of that, and more importantly, we're going to be opening up a framework-- --that allows anyone in the world to translate any talk into any language-- --so that anybody who has an idea that they want to spread in their native tongue and to people in their community-- --they'll have the ability to do that. [applause] [indistinct speaking] ...that Ethan Zuckerman posts about a lot. We really believe in it, that the way for this to work is to allow the ideas to spread and allow that to happen in a grassroots way-- --and again, we have so much gratitude toward Nokia for helping us on this and working with us on the vision. Another thing that will happen when we launch the translation program-- --is that there will be an interactive transcript associated with every talk on the site-- --so that if you're watching Wade Davis, you can scroll along and read, you can scroll down to whatever-- Let's say I want to hear the part where he talks about the 6,000 languages as we sit here in Monterey. I can just click right there and we're in English, which you are able to tell, and that goes straight to that point in the talk. What further makes this more interesting is that I can then do a search-- --so down here on the left-hand side I know that Wade talks about the Sioux Indians--

--so if I search on the word "Sioux"-- For some reason that didn't search. Let me just try it again. Ah, so it worked, and so if we go back up to the transcript, you'll see that the word "Sioux" is highlighted. We can click on there and it'll take us straight to the point in the video where he talks about the Sioux Indians. [applause] The funny thing about this, and we were talking about this this morning-- In 1984, Nicholas Negroponte spoke at TED and he demos this exact functionality on a laser disc. When I saw that, I was like, "Wow, we are just not as cool as I thought we were." [laughter] But the wonderful thing about this, of course, is that this indexing will transfer out-- --so if you're on Google and you search on green roof-- --you can find the exact point in William McDonough's talk when he talks about the green roof at the Ford Motor Company. You can find the exact point in Majora Carter's talk when she talks about the green roofs in the south of France. So we're trying to really expose the content within the talks and make them just truly usable, extensible tools-- --that will then be translated into any language on earth that somebody might want to translate them into. So that is what we will be unveiling next month-- --and I want to thank Nokia again and thank each of you again for your support and for making this possible. [applause]

That's so exciting, June. Thank you. There are actually so many other things that are going to happen on this year. We continue to be thrilled by its potential. A warm welcome to our associate members watching around the--

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video at TED Long Beach 2009

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