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Women's League - No, I love you more!!!!

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- Oh, thank you, they're so lovely. - I just love you. - I love you too, so much. - Yeah, yeah - But it's just I love you more. - Ooooh, nooo, I love you more, 'cos I do much more things for you, didnt' I? - It's...By the way, this is a widespread women' delusion - Hahaha, tell it that all the women are crazy - No, of course, all the women are crazy, but it's not that important now. I just want to tell you that I love you more than you love me. - oh, wait..So, if all the women are crazy, than I am crazy too? - And you've just told me that you love me more? It seemed that I told you that I love you more - Now you, goose, listen to me! I told you that I love you more then you love me, is it clear?!? - Come! - Listen! You, windbag! - It is seems that I told you that I love you more than you love me just 3 sec ago. Did I tell that or not? - Whaaaat? - We're through! because I will not let you call me a windbag! - Did you get this??!! - Stop! You won't go away from here.- What? - You know why? - Why?- Do you know why? - Do you know why you won't go away from here? - And why? - Because now that's me who will go away from here!! - There we go.. - Yes! Because I will not let you call me a goose or crazy and will never forget it! Is that clear? - And take your smelly flowers!!! - Hey you, STOP! - You will not go away from here, I WILL! - You won't go away because the guys like you are not leaving. - Oh, yeah? And why? - Yes! The guys like you are giving the fluff - WHAT?! - To get off. - WHAT?! - Oh yes - I'll show you what is what! - That is you who gave the fluff and women like you to get off! - Haha, are you sure? - Listen - I'm sorry. - And I'm sorry too - I'm sorry, I'm a goose and crazy. - I'm a windbag - I'm really crazy and a goose - I'm a windbag and I am sorry. - No. that's me crazy and a goose - And you love me more! - No, that is you love me more. - No, your love is biggest - I told you, YOUR love is bigger than mine!! - And I told you that the flower is broken and so that's your love is the biggest! - You love me more!! - And I told you that it's you whose love is the biggest!

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Duration: 1 minute and 59 seconds
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Genre: None
Views: 73
Posted by: annaomsk on Oct 1, 2013

Women's League - is a popular Russian sketch-show for women and man played by great actress.

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