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Managing our business relationship with our customers technological tool has a very useful and increasingly accessible talk about CRM CRM means Customer Relationship Management that is, customer relationship management in this case we speak of a computer application that optimizes the sales process and marketing of a company within a strategy of customer-centric business CRM platform is a software devoted to the issue of management and control of different customers you may have a company, together also with the development the actions that will have commercial and commercial director of that company these systems are based on collecting as much information as possible about customers to give value to offerings, the company must work to meet the needs of these customers so we can forward an offer and improve the quality of care the benefits of CRM is that through, a single software have complete control the customer, all they are your personal data from different people that are part of the company billing issues, issues of control of products or services you are interested in this customer CRM but not all are equal, we have for example Geopyme developed by Andalusian companies ACCIONMK and ILÍBIRI SOFTWARE sponsored by Fundación Innoves. Geopyme is a software service over the Internet that does not require hardware installations or it's easy to use and is aimed particularly at SMEs an area with difficult access to these services Geopyme but has other big news Geopyme we define as a GEO-CRM, that has all the usual tools of a CRM but adding tools geomarketing tools such as geo-search that allows a search by sector reallizar or activity of any potential client of yours and the list of possible target can add to the campaign and start the process campaign by adding all data objetivos, and other and of course all the activity order sales associated with this campaign. assigned to commercial, to track the entire sales process and of course analyze the results reporting of achievement of objectives streamline processes and become more efficient with our clients makes a company is increasingly competitive hence the CRM plays a role, for which we all know the customer is always right INNOVES. Economics Foundation Social Innovation Production CPS 2011

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