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Sami Awad: A New Fairytale

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global oneness project A New Fairytale The challenge is when we talk about standing on a groundless ground of nothing in that future and knowing that the future is void and empty. Sami Awad Bethlehem, Palestine Founder and Director, The Holy Land Trust The challenge becomes what can we do that honors and respects every single individual that lives on this land. In their history, in their identity, in their own narratives , and at the same time, with this respect of their narratives and their identity, create a future that they will look at and they would say I don't just easily fit into this. I want to be part of this and my own personal identity and my own belief system will be even enhanced to greater extent by me buying into this new story and this new narrative. Leaders, thats what they are all about. They are tellers of fairy tales and we need to create a new fairy tale for the people of this land that will again be so inspiring that everyone will want to join in this. Of course, initially you will have many people who will challenge you, many people that will mock you, they will ridicule you, they will ignore you, they will fight you, and then you win. And I think the great thing about the statement that Gandhi said is that at the end you win. He could have said that they ridicule you, or they ignore you, they fight you and then they lose because that would have made sense about them, them, them, them but then at the end, he said you win. And there are no losers in creating this new narrative. For me, it is really going back to the essence of this land. We all call this the Holy Land. We all feel spiritually and religiously connected to this land, and you cannot deny anyone's connectedness to this land. You cannot say that Jerusalem is mentioned only a few times in the Koran, and more times in the Tora, that means we have more claim to this land than the other. In each identity there is this strong claim and connectedness to this land, and the premise of the narrative of the future is one where in my opinion, has to be based on the recognition of the equal rights of all those who live on this land. It is for Palestinians to recognize and to respect the equal rights of Jews to live on this land. It is for the Jewish community to recognize and respect the equal rights of Muslims and Christians to live on this land, and for me its really not about that political solution of a one state, two states, or ten states. Ultimately what I want to see is no borders between any states in this world we live in. But if it means to go through that two state process as a process to achieve that greater goal, where the two state process is a process that will only help in building mutual trust and respect between the people and not to divide and separate people from each other, then I am for that. If its the one state solution where again, there is equality, there is respect, there is dignity for all within a one state political system that will help transform us into greater global vision, then I am for that as well. Everything we need to be engaged in, everything to be moving on, even creating a narrative for this land, has to be part of that greater and bigger narrative, of that global narrative that we all seek.

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Posted by: global on Aug 11, 2008

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