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Dreamline Impact Window Wellwood International Elementary , Baltimore, MD, USA

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dreamline Hope flies on these wings [music] Balitmore, MD Wellwood International Elementary School - I think it's magical, honestly. I think it's magical. I think it’s brilliant when you give a child an opportunity to express themselves. - Maybe they will help me complete my dream too and I will become their dream also. - The boys and girls were able to say, “What do I want the world to be like when I grow up? What I want it to be like in 20 years from now…” - I'll remember to work really hard for my life and other people’s lives for people around the world. - Many times children have lots of thoughts. Roxanne Allen Director of School and Community Partnerships, Baltimore Comprehensive Housing Assistance Incorporated they have lots of concerns, they have visions and hopes, but they don't have an opportunity to express them. In their culture in America, children are invited to express themselves usually in limited areas or platforms but this was totally an opportunity for them to dig deep and say, “This is what’s on my heart. This is what’s on my mind and I want to share it with you.” I haven't seen no other project like this. - I was able to see inside of their heads. Jodi O'Neill Principal, Wellwood International Elementary School Sometimes they don't always articulate. This is a dream that I have but it let me know the children on a deeper level. - My project is about Rayyaan Waheed 5th grade student, Wellwood International Elementary School pollution around the world and how we can stop it. - As we start investigating, what this could mean for their school and for their students, I could see the light go on for the teachers. I can see it in the eyes of the teachers and yes, I think this will really help me understand my students, get me to be able to communicate with them on another level, learn on their individuality. So, each school—I saw that repeatedly. - I want it for us to be able to understand it. We are one big family, we’re one big community and I feel like the dream flags, when we have them displayed, everybody's flag is up and it's helping build community for us. - They share the ideas into this class which everybody can see in their school. - I wrote it down so people can understand it Sophie Csiki 5th grade student, Wellwood International Elementary School and I wrote it in poetry so people will actually feel compelled to make it happen. - I think it’s just a powerful way to give the children a voice. When you share those kind of things with the community, the community look at the young people in a different way as well. - It really is important. - It’s your dream. I know we can change that. - I love it. [laughter] - I think it could change the world. [music] dreamline Dreamline invites any adult-led group of students from 3-20 to declare and share their dreams with the world through their annual free program. For more information visit

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Dreamline Impact Window Wellwood International Elementary , Baltimore, MD, USA

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