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Roberto Saviano tells about Piergiorgio Welby (2nd part)

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this conflicts with the catholic doctrine. And S.Giovanni Bosco church remains closed. I'd want to make you to see some photos to show as... other occasions the Vatican had decided differently, and rightly... because everybody deserve, if they believe in christian forgiveness, to get a funeral. Enrico De Pedis, a gangster of "Banda della Magliana", is buried in Sant'Apollinare church in Rome Moreover, the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, responsible for 250.000 opponents shot died has got a catholic funeral. Augusto Pinochet, arrested in London, convicted of crimes against humanity... has got a catholic funeral. Nick Rizzuto jr, gangster of the famous "6th family" of canadian mafia... has got a catholic funeral with golden coffin on the bearers' shoulders The church where Mina wanted to greet for the last time Piero has remained closed, instead. At this time, a righteous man, after 40 years of suffering, for deciding not to die (he didn't think at all) ...he had simply decided to detach himself from a machine for this reason he is kept outside. At this time, even though you are not religious, you are a deep desire to believe in a God that surely somewhere else is willing to open the doors rather than close them and you feel also a thought, if you know this story The thought is: Piero and Mina met in Campo dei Fiori, under the statue of Giordano Bruno, the philosopher from Southern Italy Since I knew this story I think often about it: Giordano Bruno, that statue, isn't anymore just the statue of a philosopher that I love... a beacon of thought... but it becomes also memory of their love story. And I like to remember the last words of Giordano Bruno, as in memory of Piero and Mina's story Giordano Bruno says: "I fought, and much. I thought I could win... but the limbs were denied the power of soul and the fate and the nature repressed the study and the efforts For all I care, I have done everything possible Not fearing the death, not giving up, with firm face, to any fellow creature Preferring a corageous death to a cowardly life". The protagonist of this extraordinary love story just heard with Roberto Saviano... Mrs Mina Welby Before reading her list, I'd want to ask to you a question. Thinking about this story... I had a thought: I know that you have received a rigid, very catholic education... maybe certain big trials of life occur only in those who know endure them? Because it took great strength... I think that all the things that happen to us are those that each of us can bear Nothing happens by chance You have brought a list of which now we will hear all together the whole density and the weight It's the most definitive, sincere and honest list, because it's the last list that a man can do... It's the list of the last words of Piergiorgio in the most important day of his life A very intimate list, which nonetheless mrs Welby has decided to make public, and so we hear it. Tonight don't cry I was fine with you And you? (I answer: I have been happy) Don't be sad. You have to do, The Caliban blog must go on And the fight for euthanasia, with fellow radicals Others should join Dying isn't a joke. When I am died, do what you want. Take care of my mum. Tonight it's better if you don't cook Give me just some water Before they arrive at all, please refresh my face And to Marco Pannella (president of radical party), old beast, I like you Piero Welby has a request, right? He asks to listen to "Primavera" by Vivaldi So you look for the disc I had it always in the same place, but I didn't find it So he said: "Put up Bob Dylan". I took the first disc I saw. It was a double. I put it up in the record player And it played: "Tonight I'll be staying here with you".

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Extrated by Italian tv programme "Vieni via con me"

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