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Largest Serbia TV informed about Liberland

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Czech Vice Jedlička who declared new state of Liberland between Serbia and Croatia has attended Free Market Road Show conference at the Faculty of Political Science. In the interview for B92 television, he said that the number of interested for the citizenship of the new state is largen than 300.000. At political level he expects understanding the most important factors in the region and around the world. Eccentric Czech Vit Jedlička for years is trying to improve life in his homeland. When few influential politicans told him that his ideas would pass only in a state that he creates himself, a story named "Liberland" has begun. He says he wants to have good relations with closest neighbors Serbia and Croatia. In Czech Republic he met with the Croatian Ambassador. He says the establishment of Liberland is completely in accordance with international laws. He thinks it is good that no one takes him seriously. I invited all presidents of the world to the party on May 1st, including Barak Obama and Putin if they manage to find a ship. Everyone who fill in the registration and of course meet our criteria and then come to the party with the boat have a chance to become citizens of this state. I think we need more tax havens because I have tax hell around me. We need places like Hong Kong, Liechtenstein and Monaco. Immediately after the foundational party, mandate of the founder expires after which Liberland will hold general elections. Instead of one person, the state will be lead by a council of twenty which, according to the constitution, will not be all powerful. Although there can be speculated about the council, there is no speculation about the position of the first lady. I settled down, and I would like to marry the first lady at Liberland. In Czech Republic one must go through a lot of bureaucracy in order to get married. I want to get married at a place where the government cannot decide about marriage, but only people. I decided that this will be the first thing I will do in Liberland. Liberland has been recognized by North Sudan and according to Vit Jedlička, five additional governments consider doing the same. This microstate in formation has reportedly drew great attention of USA and Russia.

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Posted by: on Apr 29, 2015


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