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[COACH TO AUDIENCE:] So this is the area, and what I want to try and do is I want try and work my forwards in this grided area So what do I want from my practice? What are the returns? We're looking at movement of the two forwards, so a bit a combination play between them. What Julia will do in her session will start to build in the other side, so the whole phase. My emphasis especially working with younger players, I don't want to give them too much information. So what I'm going to try and do I'll do a little bit of work around here but I want to try and get these two working off each other and then put it into the bigger practice, as they get older we can start giving them more information. [COACH TO PLAYERS:] So my two Yellows and my Blue, you're going to be locked in to this blue line. So you should stay in this area here. We're going to play to the coned lines. We're not using the full width, we're just going to use the blue coned lines there. Set-up will be this, so if you can come and stand on get on the ball. What I want you to do is, I'm just going to play into Ellie. Ellie your challenge is this, can you try to play the football forward quickly Yes. Simple as that. You can try and win it, if you win it can you try and put it into that goal there. But I don't want you rushing manically, all around the place So when you're ready away you go. So Blues if you can win it, can you get it into your forward? Can you just try and play into one of the goals. So you're locked in there as well. So only these three, can be in this area. So if you get it play across, good. Excellent, well down It's OK don't worry. Yes, play from up here. Start from up here, good. [WHISTLE] OK just stand still for a minute. So the first thing I'm just going to do is just a little bit of work around here so we can start to try and look at getting the ball into the forwards. So can you try and push out as wide as possible for me. Excellent. So what have you now done to that player? So what have you created in here? Fantastic. So thinking about these little gridded areas there, what movement might you make to try and receive the ball? Excellent. So if you see her pull out there, what has she created in there? [PLAYER:] Space. So where might you go? What will you then do to that space? or what about if you come this way, what you going to do if I come this way, as a defender? Yeah. So that might be what you see. So what have you now now created in there? So if you make that movement into there. So we've done this, Can I just take your place, so as that movements gone in now, can I play the ball in there and penetrate in there quickly? Yes. So you know what we were doing in there about playing through gaps, by spreading there, not compromising that space and moving that way, we've created the gap to play into. Yep. Away you go. Good, well done. And play. Great ball in, excellent play.

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