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Facebook Basics for RealPad - AARP

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[AARP] [Real Possibilities] [Facebook Basics] [Become familiar with Facebook and set up your profile] >> In this lesson, we will become familiar with Facebook and how to use it on the RealPad. You will learn how to sign up for Facebook and set up your profile. What is Facebook? It's a way to connect with family and friends and share what matters to you. Facebook is full of moments. Facebook is sharing. So why do people join Facebook? We asked some people why they joined. Some people join because they feel social pressure from friends and family. Others join because their family members are far away. Most people say they use it to stay in touch with people they care about. If you want to try it, decide who you will share with and start small. You can choose to just follow family members and post information that family can see. You can say no to additional connections on Facebook if are not comfortable. So you may be asking, "How do I start?" Sign up for Facebook. It's free to do so. Access the Facebook app from the RealPad. You can use your email address or mobile number to sign up for Facebook. Follow the instructions to fill in required information including your name, a password, your birthday, and your gender. Choose a profile photo so that your friends can find you. Upload it from your device if you'd like, then tap Done. Fill in your profile information, or you may skip this step. You can find your phone contacts on Facebook, or you can search for a friend later from your home page. You decide how much information to share and with whom to share. from your home page, tap this icon. Then tap Settings. Tap Privacy. Note the globes in this screen. Globes mean information can be viewed by the public. Tap the right arrow to change who can see this. We'll take a look at how to change the view of your birthday. From your home page, tap this icon. Then tap your name. Tap About. Tap About. Go to the Basic information section, and change your birthday settings. Edit the date and the year. To hide the year, tap this icon and choose Only Me. Browse the About section, and tap any information section you want to change. Edit as you wish and save the changes. Enjoy connecting with Facebook. For more information, watch the Jumping into Facebook video. [Technology Education Knowledge] [AARP Real Possibilities]

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Learn how to connect to Facebook on the RealPad

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