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I was desperate, I needed answers I was suffering because of my daughter's illness and... For me it was too hard I found these classes, and thanks to what I have learned I've transformed everything I've done wrong And the damage I've done For good, thanks to Kabbalah When I arrived here my life was dark I did not see the light With Kabbalah I have learned to be responsible for my circumstances And to live life fully Awakening the light in others is the best way to bring light to your life In the Infoser project We teach hundreds of inmates in the federal district prison The necessary Kabbalistic tools To help them understand what the rules of the game of life are And universal spiritual laws Creating awareness And with it they can have the ability to make better decisions to control their life to take responsibility And stop being victims of the circumstances Achievements 2013-2014 2694 students In 2014 we grew up from 3 to 6 prisons And we grew from 3 to 17 teachers and from 6 to 26 mentors Our goal is to motivate them to take responsibility for their lives To transform sadness and feelings of guilt into actions of change To have a full life and with a purpose I was arrested and sentenced to eight years They moved me to Tepepan And there were some Kabbalah classes I listen to the teacher and I feel like this panorama was there waiting for me Prepared for me I listened attentively And awakens my being and my conscience I put into practice many of the things taught by Kabbalists and I love it, because in this way I'm learning to love myself Within the group of inmates we reach the general population, Vulnerable and with addictions I congratulate you on that work. I thank you on behalf of the whole team And truly thank... That for these type of actions we are all immersed in a real process of transformation of human beings Thank you very much!

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