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Audio Technica 2000 & 3000 Series Wireless Mic Systems - Review

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♪♫♪♫...........[Music playing] At CCI Solutions, we consider the Audio-Technica 2000 Series WIreless Microphone to be the entry level for a good installed wireless microphone system. There are a lot of inexpensive wireless microphone systems that you can just stack on top of a box, or take to a gig. But if you want to install them in a rack, and want it all to work together, use remote-mounted antennas, for more reliable performance, then the Audio-Technica 2000 is definitely the way to go.

The Audio-Technica 2000 has a metal case. It does not have a plastic case. So the metal case gives you better protection. It's a better product. And, it's rackmountable, so you can take two of these and put them together. Another critical factor is it has removable antennas on a nice BNC connector. It's not a fixed-mount or screw-in type connection. It's a BNC. So if you're going to set it up, you know, you start out just set it on a counter or that, it works great. But if you're going to rack it up you can't just leave these antennas in the rack. You have to remote mount them.

So here's how you do that. You take these antennas off, and you connect it to an antenna distribution amplifier, no controls on the front. You go ahead and connect up to four receivers. You can see there's 2 connections for each receiver here: 1, 2, 3, 4. And then 2 connections for your remote-mount antennas. So the remote-mount antennas simply use an antenna cable, and go ahead and put your remote- mount antennas further away out and up. So they have clear line-of-site to the transmitter. The antennas that'd you'd use for that are over here. We'll walk over this way.

You can see we have a paddle-mount antenna, for a high gain. So, if I'm at the back of an auditorium, I can aim these up to the platform. We have an amplified antenna. And one that we don't see here is a half-wave antenna. Which is much less expensive than these but gives you higher gain. Don't...Let's go back here. You don't want to use these small 1/4 wave-length antennas. They don't have a ground plane. The half-wave antenna's a taller antenna. And so go ahead and talk to our CCI experts about that. They'll get you set up with the right thing. So the Audio-Technica 2000 Series can be purchased with a dynamic microphone for handheld use, or a fairly simple bodypack system. A simple bodypack system ...really their aren't any controls other than a nice "On/Off" switch here and of course frequency adjustment. The nice thing about that is if you're trying to fumble around and there's a power control and a mute control you can hit the wrong one. Here you can't. It's just gonna be "on" and "off." So, very straightforward, simple bodypack system with the 2000.

If you want to take a look at a, at a more frequency selection, you want to run more wireless microphones, and you want to have a better selection of microphones, then you go to the 3000 Series right here. You can see that we have the front panel control that gives you your frequency. We have a wider selection of frequencies to choose from still the remote-mouted, remote-mountable antennas, fully rackable, metal case. And this particular case in the 3000 you've got a little bit better head on the dynamic microphone. You now have a condenser microphone that you can choose from, so you, a lot of people prefer a condenser microphone, uh particularly on some voices. And the bodypack has a cover over the frequency controls. And the "Power" and "Mute" switch is on the side.

In either case, Audio-Technica produces an outstanding value in either the 2000 entry-level wireless for good, clean installation and high performance, or the 3000 Series. Again, call our experts and they will set you up with the right cables, the antenna distribution amplifier and the right antenna so you will get optimal performance. You have to have remote-mount antennas for these if you're going to put them in a rack so give us a call - Audio-Technica 2000 and 3000 Series Wireless Microphones. ♪♫♪♫............[Music playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Jul 14, 2012

Audio Technica 2000 Wireless Microphones are a great entry-level choice for permanent sound installations. They have solid meta cases, while many competitors are using plastic, and are rackmountable. This mic system can be purchased with a handheld microphone or a simple bodypack system. If you need more frequency selection and a wider variety of microphones, try the AT 3000 Series Microphone System. It gives you the choice of using a condenser mic which is better for some voices. Either of these wireless microphone systems are a great value.

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