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Medcezir 29 part 5

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Translation by Cevdet bro, hello -Hello What is this crowded? who's win in the tender meeting inside To complete of the necessary procedures and to In order to conduct transactions on your names , what friends divided Excuse me, Can I pass You should transmission it, you can complete these papers and leave it here at least in 3 days Whenever we finished the routine procedures more then the statutory period faster and we start in building and you hone your houses soon What is it Yaman? What are you doing here? this meeting don't care to you if you united so we can make you have your new houses before the time that we undertook it I need to talk to you What happened? You need a man to move your things I talked with my mom in the weeked she was record all the money rent that she pay it here one by one take it and look all of it here and your wife signed on every month it's ok good , I emptied the house too what you want from me ? don't talk here and there behind us that we don't pay your money come on go from here Revealed your hand - Okay, calm down I understand his problem and what is my problem ? he want to take the money who will pay the contractor for the tenant which money Oh hustler ? it's ok , go away bro , go away bro Come on go away you did a shame Come on Yaman don't upset the atmosphere basically everything is going well don't enter stick, you got out from the house your consent don't creat a problem here everyone will know that this man is lying we didn't sit in the house we paid the money of the rent every month I said, come on get out and go and you what is happening to you ? I am the in charge of the system here, from now you find yourself in charge here ? yeah , an employe , I am the man of Orkun Civanoglu company here from now good , you find each others I didn't finish my work with you yet you can do whatever you can , what you will do ? Yaman don't hear what he is saying, go Soon there is no Tuzludere It's sad and existing in the same time , it's will not be as Altiköy but this places will be good may it be good don't worry , your lawyer will not keep you money with this man and you don't continue saying money my daughter why you are saying that ? At the end the company will pay all the Loss of tenants and you are living there from many years , take your rights whatever it was my problem is not this so it's good , leave the men to move as they want power to those who have adequate power Your brother is got out , congratulations Thanks Leyla? Come on my daughter Yes dad, I'm coming See you bye bye Everything stands here about how much you need to pay for houses Don't give it to him when everybody is here they will talk about it door to door Mr Okrun said it, it does not apply to these prices Why? Son he can buy it for cheaper price, understand it The area and the location will depend on the price Ah of course, of course you're right You guys have a good day Have a good day Have good day dear bro Look all those men they are buying every place for free This free thing is very value to them it can earn lot's of money In the end it would be sweet money, Look, the cheaper you buy you must pay revenue Come to me my brother Look at me, don't bring penalties let everyone deciede Okay bro, don't worry this is our work Then lets order tea, bring 3 tea to us - Sit down bro Subtitles brought to you by or you won't go or you will come two times a day, what a chance What did you say? Nothing, I'm thinking with a loud voice Don't stutter Mert. If don't want to get nervouse by my dad, wait outside. If you don't want to come, don't come I told you No darling, I'll not leave you alone No really, if you don't want to come, don't come Please don't insist, for the first time I will the baby. I'll not miss it in life I wonder does it look like I want to go in, what happened with you Hello, Where is Mr Bekars room for women labor? Stragith then left Ah did we came to Uncle Bekar Yes, whats with that? It's my dads friend and I got born by his hands You're kidding, me too! oh, my god, so romantic concidence, it means the first day we got born we were meant for each other 2 babies sleeping next to each other. You cying and I listening to you Maybe then I fell in love with you Don't exaggerate, we didn't born the same day Whether diffrent time, we got born in the same place That could be Look at Uncle Bekar, he have contact with everyone around me even my little aunt. What are you saying again? Nothing, there is nothing Mrs Gamze, should we start? We were waiting for Eylul My life, you're doing the same thing again you're waiting for your self, you are giving hope then you will upset both of you Then let's start - Go ahead Mr doctor, Gamze have visitors I told you she would come Dear Eylul, where did you get stuck? Okay we came dad, no panic There is no party without problems Come on, we're ready Welcome Eylul -Hello Beker uncle Mert Don't mention the last time we met Okay Mert, if you want talk in private, we will wait outside No, I was only greeting Actaully if I wait outside it will be better, if you want to talk important things, in some minutes Dear Eylul please don't go, it's very important for me for you to be here Come, come, look Look how cute it is! I don't understand anything from this, where is where First we will control it Is it his heart beat? I can't believe it dad! It's a miracle Yes my chuck I saw it! I swear I saw it! You eyes doesn't miss a thing What? I saw it, I saw it butterbly! A boy! A little mr is coming Wonderful! I love you so my love Look your sibling will be a boy - Yes I didn't know my dad was crazy for baby boy, from the morning he was happy like a child what ever it would be, they would be happy! It's a happy news yes, I even I got a little happy She literally cired If you only saw Eylul, in the ultra baby sound, she cired and even asked Gamze to come back home then this evening we will have a dinner together to celebrate, right? I don't think you will stubborn to not come back home The baby is missing his father, didn't you hear what the doctor said? The baby can hear everything There is nothing exaggerate over, I only want my dad to be happy thats all Forget about that, let's think about beautiful things. What will be the name of boy? Let it be Yaman If Yaman, let it be Mert too What does it concern us let them choice, anyways I'm sure Gamze will name it after her father I think Gamze should think clearly The baby will be born in October, Let the name be Ekim (October). Eylul and Ekim Isn't it very sweet? My dad is really right, you're a very easy person Did your dad tell me easy? What more did he say? Gosh there isn't anything more, Yaman! Hello, Selim abi Where are you Yaman? I just came home, what happened? Did you went to Tans hospital son? What happened brother? Did you went or not? Just answear my question - Last week I went but.. Well done, you did very well now there is a compliment against you Congratulations which compliment bro ? I just looked from the door to inside and the security warned me , I swear I don't know , they complained on you that you bothered the patient during his medication period which bothering bro ? I just went to see how the man can connecting with the outside , I swear I didn't see anyone you say that you didn't see anyone but that's means somebody else saw you ,look they complimented on you I swear bro , there is a help to that man from outside know us , now i'm even sure from that Tan ? As long as he locked on him to this extent how he get all the news? they know that you went to the hospital ? Did Yaman go to the hospital? -Yes look bro I swear that I'm saying the truth , that man meeting someone and we should search in this We shall search on that Yaman, The police and us not you I said to you many times don't do anything without telling me Here we go we fall in the place of guilty of nothing but bro really look .... Okay, I will close now , we will talk alone when I return back home they saw you in the hospital ? they compliment on me but we can be sure from now that this man have a partner out so does not a person do this in order to ridicules but wait, we just started I will find who it is and I will make him regret for what he did He found the magazine you wanted What a wonderful kid Aunt Hacer I swear he is a very smart and even a very good kid He is very sorry that he haven't came these days but the note you gave him he is working hard on them He will became a very good musican Anyways, Enjoy youself now and I'll come later okay? Thank you "Yaman will not come to you, our secret safe. They will not separate you" I could arrive you No, I'll walk a little The postman is coming Don't be scared, nothing will happen The man have became our scary dream Is there anything for us? - There is nothing for you, there is 4 letters to Serez we are in the 2014 year , is there still who's sending letters ? From who is it? Thank you, My little aunt, she sent a letter for us , she sent a card Ada? yes , this is for me , this is for my dad , this is for my mom and this is for you - For me? see what she wrote sending a card is a very thin movement How are you , are you fine and things like that, nothing special - Good Or you didn't like Ada? - No darling what relation? By the way Leyla have returned back from Germany events and events Did you talk? - yes , we talked on haste of course you will not lie about it, you will talk on haste No darling Im just kidding. Don't be nervous , basically after this time this girl can't make me nervous , she can't So there is no problem? - No Tomorrow I can get a day off Do they give you a day off whenever you want? I haven't got a day off sense I came, Mr. Faruk won't say anything Okay good then Actaully this evening there is nobody, we can go out and meet Where should we meet? I'm not coming to Tozludere, you come here, there is beautiful places we could go to Okay, I'm coming There is so much things to talk about! Okay then, I'll pick you up at the exit Okay, bye bye Have an easy work kids! See you Hello my sweety I haven't seen you for a long time, we missed you Because of work, I can't find time. I'm very tired, I work all the time It is like that, I hear it but for me you have been getting even more beautiful when working Let's say everything is in my mood By the way, is there any other news, Between you Mr Asim and you of course, if you say so but soon there will come a bomb news, I'll not say anything more What I heard is true then! I need to go, I'm very late actually Okay dear, whenever I've time to met, my mind is on you Hello Mrs Sude Dear Sukran, is Asim very busy? Mr Asim went He went? I haven't seen today, there was things I wanted to talk to him about He wanted me to make a reservation for 2 in the club this evening I'm sure he would inform you I understood....Okay then thank you Translation brought to you by We can go Looks like it won't be us two tonight either no, no He is my friend from Los Angeles, Jamal He is a very famouse man When this opens, he will be here, hurray I got happy I think I need to think more about here It seems this is really important for you I really want this to be great Mr Faruk, Good evening For changing you mind, I want to thank you I won't disapoint you Ofcourse your help means a lot to me and thank you for the place I live in Before thanking this many times, first look if the place is comfy Where ever I am, i'm comfortable Mrs Sedef. but again thank you by the way if there is anything I could do tonight?

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