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Welcome to The Solar Xchange! We're a solar consultant company That's on a mission to educate people regarding solar for their homes. People are watching others put solar on their homes, schools, and businesses. It creates that question in the back of their minds The Solar Xchange does an analysis on your home. We answer those questions in your mind, does my home qualify for Solar? Do I qualify for tax credits and rebates? Our consultants will put all the pieces together to maximize your savings and benefits. The more detailed information from you, the more accurate the analysis. For so many years you've never had a choice with your electric bill. You get no votes in regards to fees and increases! You take a deep breath every time you open your monthly bill. Year after year there are those months that really feel like you can't control this particular expense and you're saying goodbye to your money! Many people have procrastinated only to find that their home was great for solar. and they say I should have done this a long time ago! Taking control of costs and saving more money than you're putting out is a very exciting event! Here at The Solar Xchange, we're committed to giving you the best programs available for you and your investment. Now you may have looked into solar in the past and didn't take action due to uncertainty of programs and credits that were available at the time. So, take a moment to see what the new programs and savings are today! Take action right now! So we can go to work for you!

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Posted by: wesfgrover on Jan 22, 2019

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