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The story behind Google Chrome

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Why is Google building a browser? For how much the Web has evolved, browsers, as a platform, haven't evolved that much. What we are trying to do with Chrome, is to make sure the browsers are really evolving along with the Web, so the Web can evolve to the next level. Browsers need to get better because they were designed for an era where web pages were doing completely different things. Today most of what we use on a day to day basis are applications and not Web pages. People are watching videos, they are uploading videos, they are chatting with each other, they are playing games on the Web. All of these things certainly never existed back when the first browsers were created, when the first Web was created. Wouldn't it be great to start from scratch and design something based on the needs of today's applications and today's Web masters? When we set out to build Google Chrome, we wanted to make sure that we improved browsers along the lines of speed, stability and security. Speed is always very important to Google and we want to make sure that Chrome executes as fast as possible everything from the Javascript engine to the renderer. We started a new project called V-8 which was designed to allow JavaScript to execute extremely fast JavaScript is the language that is used everywhere on the Web It was performing too slow so we decided to make it faster. The team that worked on that did an amazing job. We are all stunned by how fast that works. We saw a big opportunity to try to take a fresh start and to use a different rendering engine and Webkit was something that we'd spent a long time evaluating and Webkit is the underlying rendering engine for Chrome. because it's very fast, it's very lightweight, it's very small, and easy to maintain code base. Stability So we've worked really hard to keep the browser very fast especially when it's accessing these very powerful sites and also to keep it very stable. For instance, if you're doing something, if you're playing a game in one browser tab and it suddenly slows down a lot because, you know, suddenly you have 58 monsters on the screen you have to kill, your next tab over that's running your e-mail isn't going to be slowed down by that. And so we came up with this..... system, whereby each Web app would be run in its own environment isolated from the others and this allowed us to make them more robust. Other browsers what might happen is the entire browser would crash so you lose your online banking session you lose that document that you we're editing you lose everything in google chrome if one tab goes down the other stay up. Security So when building chrome we we're very concerned about security. One of the things that gives us a lot of mileage is the multi-process architecture of chrome. So each renderer runs in a seperate process on your computer. and that means that they are isolated from each other so one can not talk to the other and steal information. So what we do is esentialy give each webpage it's own playground, its own sandbox. So you got online banking running in one tab and got your search results your gmail in another tab. The two can not talk to each other. And if something bad happens in one sandbox. You it's like maybe there is a giant flood or it starts to rain. The other sandbox is going to stay nice and dry, nice and happy your tab is going to be isolated. from the other tab The invisible browser In an engeering and browser sense, Chrome is the user interface itself, it's the stuff around the outside of the window, the buttons, the toolbars, all that kind of stuff, and so hand in hand with that was this design philosophy we took, which was we want to maximize content and minimize Chrome. In designing Chrome, we feel that we have to make it invisable, people shoudn't have to think about Google Chrome, people shoud have to think about their applications. From top to buttom, we design the interface to make sure that it was as efficient and clean as possible So, Google Chrome's a fully open-source browser. Right! You want to release it in a way which other good ideas from us, likely, we want other good ideas from other folks. and help the browser get better. People should be able to dig into that, people should be able to learn from that, and people should be able to contribute.

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Watch a video from the development team on the thinking and features behind Google Chrome.

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