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The hidden meanings of yin and yang

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You might´ve seen this symbol before, wether a its a temporary tattoo or at a chinese temple. Its called the Yin and Yang symbol. It comes from Daoism, a religion born in China. Its far more meaning than you realized. The Yin is the dark swirl and the Yang is the light one. And each side has a dot of the opposite color. Which gives a clue of the meaning of Ying&Yang. Everything contains the seed of its opposite. Dark vader has the seed of goodness, and Luke, the potential to follow his father to the dark side. Like Luke and his father, Ying&Yang aren´t total opposites they´re relative to each other. Taoist believe that the universe is made up of energy, vibes and matter which behaves differently at different contexts. Something can be Yin or Yang depending on a lot of things. So, while weed thats growing is Yang when its reapt is Yin. A wave's crest is Yang and the trough is Yin. Villages of the sunny side of a valley has names like Lou Yang and Shi Yang , but on the shady side i.e. of the Yangz river valley, there is Yang Yin. The brake is Yin to the gas pedal Yang. An egg shell Yang, the egg inside is Yin. You think you´re getting it. Yang is harder, stronger, brighter, faster but one can turn into the other. Or a two sides of same coin. The sun beams are Yang in comparison to shadows. The pitch is Yang, the catch is Yin. The Yang starts an action and Yin recedes it, complets it. Yin is the inside space of a cup, wouldnt be a cup without it. Yang is the cup. The coffee heat, however, is Yang and and its blackness is Yin. ¿? Yin is the darkest world, the female. But there is a white dot in it. And Yang is the lighter, the male. But it has a black dot. Water flowing calmly in a river is Yin, but when it goes over the water fall is Yang. (two ...are ying) compared to the telephone pole. The back of a person is more ying than the front. The top of the person is the yang. Taoism teaches that there is a power in the universe, is higher, deeper and truer than any other force, they called the Dao. It means the Way. Like the force in starwars, the Dao has two sides. Unlike other religions, where the higher powers all good and, perhaps, has all evil rival. Taoism teaches that we need to learn from both Ying and Yang. And unlike religions where Gods that has the higher power in Taoism is not. Taoist believes that living in harmony with the Way a person will not have to fight against the universes natural flow. So, for example, Listen more, Argue less. Be ready to back up or undo something, and you will make even faster progress. Dont worry about being the best. Be who you are. Live simple. Complications takes you aways from the Dao. The wise person is flexible. Dao says. Learning to use the Dao, is what Daoism is all about. And thats why you should know you Ying from your Yang.

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Posted by: alparedes on Aug 6, 2013

Is a TED Worth Lesson From John Bellaimey. It explains the praxis Taoism´s Yin and Yang ultimate wisdom of reality can be applied into daily life.

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