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Sundown Syndrome

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It is 9:47 p.m This is our first trip out of bed and uncle Sam is going to take his medications now the three pills oh yeah three It is 9:58 p.m at night uncle Sam where you are going Where you headed uncle Sam kleenex you’re just sleep 10 at 9:55 I was ! yeah It is 10:49 at night. Let’s see. uncle sammy where are you going? Nowhere You don’t know where you are going. We just went to bed about 10 minutes ago It is 11:04 p.m. at night We like just went on here Where you going uncle Sammy It is 11:04 p.m. I don’t know You don’t know. You didn’t just go to sleep 11:20 p.m at night lets find out what uncle Sam is doing What are you doing this time? Are you going to sleep? No I am looking for my watch 11:38 at night Uncle Sammy you are up again I don’t know why Time to go to sleep you say you try but if you don’t lay in bed you can’t really sleep Right? Well how can you try if you are standing up you really need to be sitting in a bit laying in bed to be able to sleep It is the eighth minute after midnight Let’s see who just woke up Uncle Sammy it is eight minutes after midnight Is it? Yeah everyone else to sleep in why I am up I don’t why are you up do you want to try sleeping You need to be in bed if you want to try sleeping It is 12:28 Find out what is going on uncle Sammy again What is up uncle Sammy someone woke me up Well we are all quiet nobody’s making any noise I don’t know someone wake me up Where you going I don’t know It is 30 minutes after midnight Everybody is asleep in bed Ok just had one (medicine) about 10 minutes ago I did it Yes you did It is 01:01 in the morning now Let’s find out where uncle Sam is going Uncle Sam where are you going It is 01:01 in the morning Ha It is 01:01 in the morning 2:45 in the morning Where are you going uncle Sam It is 2:45 in the morning I don’t know what the hell You are very weak at this time here you are staggering You should stay safely in bed Because there is nothing for you to do up here 03:01 in the morning Let’s see where he is going this time Uncle Sammy it is 03:01 in the morning it is 03:01 in the morning everybody is sleeping but you were just up 5 minutes ago I was! 5 minutes ago Woke me up How can anyone wake you up everybody is sleeping 03:15 in the morning and see where he is going Uncle Sam where are you going It is 03:15. You were just up at 03:08 everybody else is sleepling k is laying in bed like everyone else else...... 3:25 in the morning light just went on in hallway let's see it there he would just up five minutes ago you could't lay down in bed and keep your eyes closed but if you keep your eyes closed you can rest in bed and still not with you what wakes you up something with me up by more if something wakes you up do you have to get out of bed can you still lay in bed yeah 3:47 in the morning who could be up at 3:47 in the morning place place place but you do'nt have to get out of bed if it wakes you you could just lay in bed if you win okay for 20 in the morning or 20 in the morning you're begining to go wee-wee yeah okay go back to bed afterwards

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