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The Statue of Liberty for Kids

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Hi this is Olivia. Today is a really amazing day because I am going on a boat to see the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is a huge statue in the middle of New York Harbor. It was given to America by the French in 1886. The French gave the statue to America in representation of international friendship. Over the years it has become a symbol of freedom and democracy. It was dedicated in 1886 and became a national monument in 1926. Often one of the first glimpses of the US that immigrants on ocean voyages from Europe saw was the Statue of Liberty. The statue is a female figure dressed in a robe, holding a stone tablet in one hand and a flaming torch high in her right. On her head she has crown with 7 points. Each points representing each continent. The torch is covered in several layers of gold leaf. The tablet that the statue is holding is imprinted with the Roman numerals July 4, 1776. This is the date of the US Declaration of Independence. The statue is formally called "Liberty Enlightening the World". The copper skin of the statue is less than 2 pennies thick. There are 25 windows in her crown and the flame part has been changed three times. The statue weighs 450,000 pounds and in case you haven't noticed, over three million people visit the monument every year. There is no information on how many hamburgers they sell, but I can assure you - it's a lot! If you ever come to New York City be sure to put a visit to the Statue of Liberty at the top of your list because as Benjamin Frankling once said, "where there is liberty, there is my country"

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Posted by: ang_ruiz on Oct 14, 2014

Short video to explain kids some facts about the Statue of Liberty.

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