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batman in fruit fair

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Gee, boss! The cops! The cops are coming! The cops! The cops? Motherfucker! How is that discovered me here? And Batima the fuck? Now who is going to fuck with Batima? Now what do I do? They so getting closer! Getting closer ... Let's get the hell out of here we're fucked! Let's get the hell out of here! Let's get the hell out of here! Ehh ... what the fuck here, huh? Let's see what's back there, go! Ihh ... let's go, let's go, let's go, see! The dynamic duo? No, blind guard! His father and mother dressed for the prom of lean! Let's just fucking his bitch! Take us out of here, fagot! Son of a bitch, Batima! I do not believe a word of it! Son of a bitch, Chief O'Hara ... And how can it be really a fucking, huh, Batima? Explain this shit! It's simple Commissioner; this tape shows everything. Shows what? Cock! Your fucking mother, motherfucker! His mother and his wife are two whores, Commissioner. I do not want to talk about it, but ... that's the truth. There are two paid whores. bitch paid as fuck? Whore pay? Cock ... now what? How I do? It's simple, Commissioner. Robin and I are on the trail ... on the heels of that son of a bitch that fucked them. It is very simple, Commissioner ... She is a whore even! The butcher fucks her! Fucking ... How? Commissioner, me and Robin found yesterday. We put this tape ... in his apartment to know if the Joker would appear there, but ... she betrayed us. His wife is a bitch it, Commissioner! She was giving to the butcher. She was screwing one full of gonorrhea butcher. What's more, Commissioner! Robin and I found out that your mother is also a bitch. Son of a bitch! So I'm a fagot! I'm fucked! I need to go home. Chief O'Hara, how do I do? It does nothing commissioner. Robin and I'll take care of everything. When we find out something, we say to you. Do not you worry! Robin and I ... we are the dynamic duo! They are two fag, right? Come on, Robin, let's go! hummmm ... how you're going there, Robin? It's bad! This crap ... this crap does not work, damn it! Shit! Of course it works, Robin! Nothing works, damn it! That old wood is rotten! Cum! Fuck, this shit does not work! Robin, you're a boy! You can not be swearing! You are a boy yet! Does not Suck, fuck! Shit! Robin ... Uh? I do not believe! this shit does not work! Of course it works, Robin. You do not know shit move on. Bag! I can not stand that shit Batcave. Cum! Only I doing all this shit! Bag! I'm leaving, I'm out of here! ... Shit! Bag! Thankless! I will put you in a boarding school! Ah ... go take in your ass! Robin, you told me to take in the ass! I can not believe what I heard. I do not believe what I heard! It can not be true what I heard now. You are a boy yet! I created you! OK OK. Yes, yes, but don't fill my bag! But ... we need to come up with a plan to catch the Joker, Robin. I know of a plan! I also know, horn ... No more games ... Let's go to the house of the Joker! You and me! To the house of the Joker? Do what there? Damn ... do what that shit? I know ... I know of a plan, Robin. You will get in his room ... will ... not! Correction! Uh? You will fantasize ... as the Joker's wife. You will pass as Joker's wife. You go to sleep one night with the Joker! You will dress up like a fagot! Urghhhhh ... shit! Batiman, will you hear me? Your tail! Motherfucker! Let's stop with this curse, huh! Turn on the transistor radio, so that shit! Let me see this shit here! ... Hey! ... Robin, give me your location, please! I'm not understanding anything about what is written here! Hmmmm ... hmmmm ... okay ... H�nnn ... Wow! Robin, that pussy! Dick !!! Robin? Pussy? Who is this guy fucking? Uh? Hello, bitch! All right? What about having sex today? Let's fuck one pussy today? What is it, Robin? You were never like this! You're a pussy! Are you queer! Fag is the fucking hell! ... Snap out of it! Let's ... I eat your ass today! hot! ... Who is the pothead there, huh? Oh here my, pothead not ... haha ??... you joker, huh? Very funny man for my taste! Fagot! Ah ... this guy is an asshole! Uh? Hmmm ... ... It's time for me to go! You is not gonna get out of there, you bitch, as you do not give your ass for me! Understood? Your bitch! What is it, Robin! You never talked to me like that! Your bitch! ... Pussy! ... Oh shut up, you bitch, otherwise you will take a club here, as already ... Look at this brat! you want a cigarette? There goes! Gives fucking there! Only if marijuana! ... Lights that shit soon! ... Uhu uhu arg ... Aehh ... Cum! That shit is not marijuana! Fucking there! I want to marijuana! Ai ... I want to fuck you, Robin! Oh yes? Want to fuck him, is it? Only with him, alone with him! He is a horny, do not you think? Shut up bitch !!! Oh, how do you talk to her, huh, boy! Oh ... you're not that pussy, no, is it? I am so, so what? So you see ... will ... will cum fuck your father ... will knock one hand job for Batima, okay! Oh ... shut up bitch, or I'll hit you out there, huh. Ah ... hit out there is my ass, put tha ... ... ... is going to take in the middle of your ass, okay! Fuck you, huh, pussy! Cum! Ah ... will take in the ass! It is ... joker! Ah ... Joker is the fucking your bitch! I hit out there, huh, pothead! ... Bye, its relaxed bitch! I still like you! ... Faggot !!! Fuck off! Wow! How do you talk to him like that, huh? Did not you see that this guy is a fag? Damn ... He's here to spy ... is this guy there, fuck! This guy is at the behest of Batima here, dammit! ... Even my grandmother knows that this guy is queer! Shovel ... it is a fagot, cuckold! It's written in his face which is a horn, want to fuck with everybody, you want to fuck with you! ... Ah ... will take in the ass! I will though also here, go! Cow! Fagot! Batima, can not stand it up there! 're A fucking whorehouse fucking! Whorehouse, no, Robin! Moderate your language! Really! Aunt ... Aunt're're giving pussy there, giving ... yeah, fucking ... So let's do something, let's get some bitches to bring here, go! That's it! Come on, come on, let's get some whores! Uhhh ... today I'll fuck the Batima! I'll fuck it all right! I will take his dick out !!! Ahahh ... And that bitch there? You is not gonna fuck her today, huh? Huh? ... Oh ... let her there! That girl there is not anything! I don't like woman, I really like is the Bat ... This guy is queer to me, huh! Huh? ... My daughter, come here! ... You know what this is here, my daughter? ... This here is to soften dick, so here falls dick! It's a liquid you spend on Dick head ... Oh ... I do not believe this is to fall dick! Yeah ... but you'll spend it here at the head of Dick Batiman ... No!!! The Batima ??? I can not believe! Let ... No! Not open, not open, not open, not open! ... Otherwise it will drop my dick !!! Now you will do the following: you'll get the Batima and will pass ... Okay, okay, okay ... I do everything you want! Darling mother! Horny! Beautiful! Ahh ... cute! This guy is a fag, eh? Fagot, huh !!! Oops, oops! What is this you call me a fagot, huh? Huh? ... Ah ... the Batima're coming, huh! Let's get it straight now, huh! 3 hours! ... Damn! 3 hours already? Damn it! I know see time fucking ... Well ... the thing is this: the stick will fuck loose here and now ... guys, everybody back! IT IS! The stick will fuck loose here! The cock will fuck here! Let's lift the stick that shit, here, today! Robin, the moderate language, please! ... Well done! ... You brought the coin I asked? Is here! here in my hand! Look it here, here in my hand! Then goes to that machine ... and turn this shit! Hmmm ... let me see ... stick this shit here ... now ... let me see ... here ... this one, this one, this one ... Ah ... the Batima arrived, now I'm going to take his dick! The Batima's fucked up in my hand now, ha! ... Ah ... now, now, now ... Uhuhuhuhuuuu ... this is a robbery, you son of a bitch! Turns the ass for me, turns, Batima! ... Faggot! You're gay! You're both fagots! Quick, Robin, behind the bat shield! pow ... pow ... This time I hit that son of a bitch! Batiman, from where you shot this bat shield, huh? Damn, of where you shot that shit? You're very funny man, huh, Robin! Of course it was the ass! It could be more of where? I know where you keep this shit? Joker! You're very cocky, huh, Robin! Ha ... I hit you today ... there in the Batcave, seen! You... Oh ... never mind your bitch! You called me a motherfucker again? I do not believe it! ... Pussy! Son of a bitch! ... Faggot! Your fucking pothead, shut up! Robin, sorry, we are the dynamic duo! I fear ques fight for justice! Hmmm ... go to fooke, you son of a bitch! Another time? I do not think you are cursing me again, Robin! I'm going to fuck you now, huh! Get out of here, motherfucker! Does not Suck, her tail. You do nothing to me, not your bitch! Motherfucker? Your ... shut up! I can not believe! Fucking fagot! Son of a bitch! Come catch me! Robin, if you did not go out of here now, I'll fuck you up the ass right here! Fagot! cuckold ... Nothing will, you son of ... come get ... Oh ... wait, wait ... I forgot something, I forgot one thing ... my son, you sell condoms here? I want a condom ... is that ... I need to fuck the Robin tonight! Hello! ... Yes it is! All right? It's the fucking house! It's the boss? He'll now! ... Boss !!! Ah ... I will, as will, as will ... The boss! Come on, damn it! Ah ... me, me, me ... Hello? Who is talking? Ah ... Aunt Batima? what you want, you old whore? ... Shall I fuck? But how? ... Fuck you? Cum! Oh, okay, okay! Let's do this ... fuck the lady there in the Wayne mansion? Oh, I will, I will, I will! ... Ahh ... I'm going now, right now, I will, I will, I will! ... You give your ass for me! I will! ... Uhhh ... I'll fuck's aunt Batima! ... Uhuhuhu ... now I go there, I go there! hahaha ... Ahhhh .... I'm dying of tiredness! Come on, girls! Let's go away! I'm leaving! Bye honey! Oh ... let me handle this ... thing of Joker, to soften dick. Oh what horny! ... I'll Take this card! Ahaaaa !!! My daughter, give me that bottle here! relaxed bitch! Give me that bottle here, my daughter! The Lady... Does not Suck ... fag! Ahh ... Ih, fucked, Robin! I will use a small scent ... hummm ... Uh ... scent ... Ahhhhiii ... Uh ... come on, Robin, let's take it to the Batcave. Boss... What is it? I'm tired as hell! All work in this motherfucker. Shit! I give my ass here every day! Ahhh ... I can do anything in May. 'm Getting old, I'm finished, my dick does not rise more ... and I need to do something to cheer me up. I'm a clown, I am the Joker, the Joker ... Joker, the Clown! ... You want a cigar my son? It Habano! Hu ... uh ... uh ... I want! Thank you! Hahahahahahaha ... Fooled the fool in egg shell! I am a fool! I'm a clown! ... Talking On clown, what time is it, huh? 8:30! Ah ... it's time to fuck's aunt Batima. I'll fuck's aunt Batima. I am the first, I am the first, I am the first! Come on, come on! Come on, come on! There guys, get there, get ... Let's play, let's play, let's play, let's play! Go go go go ... hurls there soon! Let's play, let's play, let's play! ... Guys, let's stop it here, go ... filled the sack of the game already, go. Gee ... we do an orgy then! Let's do an orgy! Way where the fuck! Ah ... anywhere, damn it! Come on, let's go! Ssss ... Anyone have a coin there? See if this shit is working. Let's see if this shit is working, let's see! Shoo ve got a coin ... ah ... I thought, I thought, I found a coin. Let's see! ... Let me see ... Hey! ... Hey, what the fuck is this one? I do not understand! Lelelele ... read it soon ... Read fucking soon! My look is a document! It is written that the Batima is fagot! Uh? Fag? Fagot! Uhuhuhuhuhuuuu ... fags! Oh, I'll tell the Batima, huh ...'m gonna tell the Batima I saw you getting it, I saw! meek horns! ... Little Fags! Who is this guy, huh? Oh, you know who I am in, is it? Shut up, his pothead son of a bitch, but will take a beating, huh, you son of a bitch! Pothead! I'll crack you, huh, fagot! Fag is the fucking hell, huh! Let's kick the ass of them, go! You know that! If you want to kick my ass, kicks once, damn it! But then hold on the consequences! Fags! Fagots! Aehhh ... kick ass fucking! Fag is the fucking hell! Let's give a club in this fagot! Ahh ... Ahhahaaa ... you want the Batima come here, right? Catch you, save you! A want anything, damn it! We'll kick his ass or not? Ah, but the Batima died, fags! He died at 4 o'clock! I took his dick out! Ahhh .... speak to get his dick out, I'll get the chick you too! What do you think, huh? ... Uh? Do not worry guys! I even put that document there! This document does not prove anything! It proves only that the Joker is a son of a bitch! ... Speaking of son of a bitch, Robin will give the ass for everyone today, huh! The Robin is a fagot! Hmm ... Only one at a time, right? No need to spread, right! ... Let's get this son of a bitch now! Go Go go! Uhhh .... Ahhh ... Dick ... Dick will fuck loose here! ... Oh my dick! ... Oh ... oh ... oh my bag ... oh my bag, ai my bag, alas! Son of a bitch! Fagot! Ah ... now ... now handle this one, Batima! Takes this! Takes this ... takes this! Farter! ... I'll get you, motherfucker! ... Uhhhh ... Ouch ... he wrapped me around, batima! Save me! This son of a bitch catch me ... I'm wrapped! I'm fucked up now! He will fuck my ass! Let me go of that shit! Hahahahahaha ... I will use this spray to take your dick out, Batima! Your horn! There is! It's useless joker! Before leaving the Batcave I took my dick out ... I do not have dick! I do not know if you know it. I am eunuch! You're fucked up now! Ahhh ... ahhhhh ... Huh? That what's going on? Let's see, let's see, let's see! Who is this clown around, eh? This fagot there, huh? Ih ... You're fucked up, huh? What tha made it, huh, Batima? I did nothing, I did nothing! He started blogging! He started it and now fucked! ... Good, guys, I'm leaving because I have better things to do. Let's get out of here! Let's get out of this shit ...'re stinking! Honey, where are you going? Goodbye, Robin! Where you go, my daughter? Where will you fuck? Will not give more to me today? ... You're a horny, huh! It does not go away, no! I do not talk like I'm bad! I will! I can not stand you, you son of a bitch! Ah, that's it, my daughter! Not just talk about me, no! For the love of God! I have a big dick, do not you think? ... Oh, my cock is fucking great! Do not you think? Cum! Clotilde ... the paddy wagon is waiting! The paddy wagon ??? ... Look, I wanted to fuck was with you, see! You do not want to fuck with me, right? No, my daughter, I am not that! I am a fag! I do not know if you know. It's ... it's a fag. You knew this one? I did not tell you, right? Shut up, fagot! Ai ... but it does not hurt! Likewise serves! I do a pacifier! ... You leave, no? ... Bye, horny! ... Goodbye, seen! Horny! do not go away, no! Then I want to fuck you, mister! You must have a big dick! ... I want to fuck you! I'll get on your dick! She takes it, huh, care, huh! This youth of today is much changed!

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