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VT comedy club

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hello I am very edgy guys watch out it's gonna get crazy in here I'll start out really edgy, my family is poor what? woah how poor are they Jess? you guys know that show storage wars? we do that a lot of times in those units you will find trash but, one time we opened up a unit and what did we find? stacks and stacks and stacks and stacks of gay porn wow, beautiful what my grandpa decided to do with it was hide it all over the house And I mean like, under the rug, in the oven Under my grandma's fitting sheets he took family photos and put little back dicks behind his grandkid's faces septuagenarian really committing to the bit and then what he did was immediately die just a comedic master really my grandma was finding gay porn for two years after his death and I just love that he hated her just a little more than the gays that really brings me peace I wish I had the finances to keep going down to Tucson and hiding more gay porn so that she thought she's haunted but I simply don't have the resources, unfortunately she did just, I'm about to talk to talk to you about economics I'm so sorry she did just get a reverse mortgage do we know what that is? you don't why should you? It's basically when you sell your house to the bank and then when you die they get it it's real fucked up, it's the closest American banks can get to buying your first born child she did that and so she has a little extra money and what she is doing is sending all of her grand kids scratch off tickets and it's like grandma that's how we got here please put it in the bank I'm begging you Sometimes generational poverty comes in fun colors who knew? I'm being smart about it though I only scratch off my tickets with my AA chip So everyone knows I'm in complete control I am an alcoholic any alcoholics in this bar? anyone? I've been sober for over a year now [clapping] no, I wouldn't recommend it if you're an alcoholic and you're trucking, keep going until it's worse you can hold out a little bit longer I promise I've been sober for a year and not a better person, at all still a huge piece of trash I think I'm gonna be the first alcoholic where alcohol is't my problem and, I don't know how to fix that I don't know what else I can give up I am trying to date see this is the part where you should have been clapping I don't know, ladies, if any of you have ever taken a dick totally cognizant of what's going on but it's bad it's awful don't ever do it if you don't have to I go on these dates these guys and they get drunk everytime why? I had this guy almost get blacked out drunk and so I decided to leave and he said, "oh do you want to come home with me" but in a scarier voice and I said "I don't really think consent is on the table" and he said "don't worry, I can't be raped" are you fucking kidding me right now? a man who can't be raped? scandalous it didn't work out just cause I totally can so, ships in the night, unforsh he's out there tho, god bless him I have terrible self confidence I date the worse people I do, I just do it I was sleeping with this guy for a little bit and we were about to do the deed when he turned phish on and I just let him

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comedy from July 2019

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