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Ron Paul Makes Little Kids Cry!!!

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Duration: 3 minutes and 22 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Gabedagreat73
Director: Gabedagreat73
Views: 124
Posted by: kramerdsp on Oct 2, 2011

This video was created by Gabedagreat73 and added to Dotsub for captions. -------------- Dr Ron Paul to this day has refused the congressional lifetime retirement pension offered to congress members. He even gives back part of his yearly salary to the US Treasury EVERY year. Every single time congress has voted themselves a payraise, he has voted against it. Bring our troops home -- End the Fed -- Dispand the TSA, EPA -- RON PAUL 2012 EVERY MONDAY WEAR YOUR RON PAUL CLOTHES!!!! Help fight the media blackout on Dr. Ron Paul. Support our troops? BRING EM HOME!!! music is by Sade, "By your side"

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