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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~12:05:06 - 12:21:15

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what? Yeah man. Do you really want to see he's gonna win? Mariano. Ah! I just begun to feel so tired. I slept for four hours. I went to bed ten past five and woke up about nine. And I stayed in bed till ten. And You got more ahn! Hey, Massao! You don't? Tommorow i'll give you. No? I'll give you tommorrow man. I'm gonna get money from some gigs. What time do you leave work? Six? I work till seven. Until six. Six, six fifteen. Sometimes I leave later. .. all creation. Yeah, we're... What? It's not you lose you pay, João. Mariano is gonna pay. As you want man. It's free style and no one will stop. Paloma, ask Wilson to lend me ten bucks? Hey, Paloma. Is it gonna rain? It's gonna rain and I'm going home now man. Hey, I'm going home, need to arrange some things. Look, go over there and say: Vagner and Rael asked you to give me a pastel Take on Vagner's. Say like this: Vagner told me to get a pastel here. You can go there. He is Vagner. ... give Bia a photo. I talk to her later. If you don't give it to her, I'll cut your hair. Hey, I'm going home. Stop by there later. No, see if Wilson... Hey, Wilson! What about that? Let him answer me otherwise I'll have to arrange some things. Aunt Patricia! She sings that song: "Oi... a dois". Ever heard that song? Go, dumb. He'll beat you, make you cry. Go dude. Hope he beats you hard. What is that? What is that? Are you folding paper? What is that? William, What is that? Hey girl, what is that? It's crumpled paper, Jão. Jão it's crumpled paper. We're gonna make an exhibition. Ribs? Out boy! It's for me. Out boy, It's for me. Terrible kid, man So, you ain't going to Paulista, man? Who's not? You're the ones who isn't. Ok. Say. I heard you were there only the first day. Check if on Vila Mariana's side there's any stand. They're all on your side. They're all in Pinheiros, man. What are you gonna do? Now? I'm going home, man. I need to check with Hermes if he can get my money. We're by that Trianon Park. It's gonna rain too, and there's the guy's gear as well... What? Isn't there a square, a square like this? Then on the other side it's Pinheiros. The guys are all there. You go on motorbike. What's the problem man? What was he saying? To give him a picture. You've been practicing? Wait. I'm going home, man, I need to arrange some stuff. Have to call Mica as well. I don't know. Have to talk to her. No, I'll get it later, man. So, I'm coming home. Be right back. Come later, if it starts raining. Hey, Cool Rafa? Nice? Hey! I'm going home. What? Didn't get it. Speak clearer boy! Why are they following you? Cause they're, man. But you can't be part of it. It'd would need authorization, and you're not 18. You're gonna be on TV? No, it's not for television, it's about a project. Do you sing? Sure? I sing man. You still sing? Yes. It's getting cold What about malabars? Where are they? You guys stop doing it? Are you studying? Where do you study now? I'm not studying now, I'll study somewhere else. And you, I'm good, What about you Gui? I study at Jaía. And Do you still smoke? I've seen you smoking, a cigarrete on your hand, João. Not me. I see... I've seen you smoking man, up there on the square. You came to ask me a lighter. Hey Ga? All good boys. Fine! Hey mom, fine? Have you had breakfast son? No, I've just eaten a pastel down the fair. Really? Turn on the music. Mom, did anyone call me? The japanese called you. What he said? He said he would call later. He told me he'd come here yesterday, but didn't. Hey little boy? Fine? Hey? How was yesterday? Was it good? Did you hang out all night? Did you hang out all night? And did you watch Cordel's concert? Did you watch Cordel's concert? They're good, aren't they? Their songs are all spirituals, you get it? Ok. And when is it gonna happen? Ok. So, You saw only Cordel? Nice. And that was it? That was it? Ah, the white guy, right? Works at Artmix? I know. Érico got him that job. I see. He works at Artmix. The white guy. I get him. What? Yes, By the time I left. No, I left in 1999. Yes, nearly 1999. Good. And did you travel right after the party? Ok. Yes, So I was supposed to get a new tattoo yesterday. But then Wellington couldn't show up. He called, you know? And he'll come today by two o'clock. We had some fun near the staircase at Extra, played guitar, you know? Then we took the amps outside here... We were on a good vibe, but then the cops went after a boy down the street They shot him... But it seems they missed it. Yes. Then we turned off the music and I came in. I didn't went to bed. I played video-game. But it was 5 o'clock already, then I woke up... It's happening, no cuts. Tes the idea... Yes, it's being all taped. You know? What? So? Are you coming to the gig tonight? Why? I don't know. No, don't know if she'll be there, you could call her to check it. I'll be here. Anyway, call me if you need ... what? I couldn't hear you. So... We'll have to figure it out a way, right man? Who? No, ok. I don't know, you should call Gi. Call Gi, ask if she will go. You know? So, Marilia told me yesterday she'd go. It's free, man. I think they're gonna get us a van. Last time it didn't work out because it was a kombi, you know? We went on a Kombi, it fits a few people only. Yes, but i believe it can take fifteen, right? About fifteen people. About twelve. Last time It took only nine. What? I didn't understand. No, I didn't call anyone, you know? You. I myself called only you, you know? If we gather everybody, we're ten. Pedro ... Kiko, right? If each one takes one person ... We're twelve already. I think it's the right number. Get it? And what? Yes, but... Call Gi and then you call me. Ok? It's not, ok. Don't worry. I'm arranging some things here. I have to prepare a stuff. I'll go to Extra, buy a glove, you know? Don't want to take any risks. All right? So, that's it. God bless you. Kisses. Bye I didn't understand. I didn't understand what you said, mom. Running away...

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Duration: 16 minutes and 9 seconds
Country: Andorra
Director: Helio Ishii
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Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 13, 2008

Finishes up billiards. Heads back home.

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