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20160430 Core Messages - Water

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The perfect size water would be a bottle about this size. Now, where should you keep the water? The perfect place to keep the water is up front with you. That might not be your natural inclination. You might think: I should put the water in the back where the rider is able to access it quickly. But, when you have the water in the back, that is self-service. I actually would prefer that you make a connection with the client and hand the water to the rider because that is service. In addition to that, when you have the water in the back, you might say to your rider: there’s water in the back, if you’d like some. And you know, often they may turn you down and say: oh, thank you so much. But as you’re driving along, they look at that water and they think: you know what? That water does look good. Maybe I will have some. They take a couple of sips and they put the bottle down. The next rider who gets in your car, again you say: there’s water in the back, if you’d like some. And they end up picking up that same bottle. And they’re like: oh my goodness, this is used water. Not a great way to get a five star rating from that particular rider. Instead, hand the water to the rider. What about goodies? I like to carry a container of gum with a dispenser, they’re available at most grocery stores along with a small container of mints. Reason why you might want to choose gum and mints in this format, or in this form, is because there’s no wrapper. When you have a wrapper on anything like this, it tends to end up on the floor of your car.

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20160430 Core Messages - Water

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