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Fighting Fascism

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This episode of it's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine was made possible by contributions from slaves like you. Spank you very much. "In the end, 49 nations including the United States came to Berlin for the Nazi Olympics and watched as aryan athletes followed in the footsteps of the ancient greeks bringing fire from mount olympus in the first ever olympic torch relay." It's the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine Gooooood morning slaves and welcome to another sedition of it's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine your best source for 100% vitamin filled hot cop action. What? Your best source for 100% vitamin filled hot cop action. What...? Your best source for 100% vitamin filled hot cop action. What? Say what again! Say what again! I dare you! I double dare you mother fucker! What? I am your host the stimulatorand october saw much action from the global insurrectionary motherfuckin resistance. In seattle four pig mobiles were set ablaze on the global day of action against police brutality. The anonymous freedom starter successfully torched 3 cruisers and one paddy wagon to a dark crisp. Seattle 5-0 suggested that the attack was payback for this... A video leaked earlier this year showing a cowardly piece of shit pig brutally beating a 15 year old detainee. I say those mother fuckers got off easy. In Rochester the Po showed their ass again as they attacked a peaceful anti-war protest. The Funk-the-War demo was grooving around downtown Roch City demanding and end to the war in Obamastan when the pigs descended on them Rodney King style. "Let her go!" "What are you doing?!" "What are you doing?!" "Keep moving folks." "Why would you do this at a peaceful demonstration?! What are you doing?!" "Do what we say, keep moving!" "Well, I saw an anti-war demonstration of 50 or 60 people, walking down to mark an anniversary that this country refuses to talk about- all we talk about is more troops. And then we were met with about 40 fricken cop cars coming down police clubs swinging. The first person they went after was an African-American kid who was just watching the demonstration so we called that for what it was- racism. Then they began arresting people for calling the cops 'assholes,' for swearing at cops- things we thought were protected under the country. This is the freedom we're bringing to Afghanistan." "He's arrested for swearing in public." "For swearing in public?!" One the other side of the world at the IMF meetings in Turkey, cops in Istanbul were attacked by a barrage of molotov cocktails. The motherfucking resistance was there to oppose the meeting of the international money funnelers of the IMF. And banks and corporate stores were targeted and smashed. In Vancouver as the resistance gets ready to disrupt the kickoff to: the FIVE COCK RINGS OF DEATH the RCMPigs have been harassing activists and going as far as threatening them with rendition. Here's Gord Hill, editor of the website 'No' commenting on a recent encounter with Vancouver's finest. "On October 20th they approached me while I was walking down the street in the Down Town East Side where I live, and the officer, I told him I had nothing to say to him but he kept following me down the street. He maintained a rambling monologue with me and told me that if I ever tried to go to the United States again- if I was ever in US jurisdiction or custody- they would apprehend me; if I was in the US and send me to a far, far, far away place." More olympic coverage after the break. College and university occupations seem to be coming back in Vogue. In the land of 'Amadeus Amadeus,' over 1000 students took over the Audimax the main lecture hall at the University of Vienna to demand better education conditions. In Greece, Italian author Alfredo Maria Bonanno was arrested for allegedly robbing a bank of nearly 50 thousand euros. Bonanno, 72, is the celebrated author of such classics like 'Armed Joy' and 'From Riot to Insurrection.' But as the global insurrection continues man and his capitalist cock keep their ongoing assault on mother nature. The much despised fart chokers from Massey Energy have begun blasting on Coal River Mountain. to extract clean fossil fuels to provide electricity to the Whitehouse. This atrocious attack on the ecosphere comes on the heels of the 350 day of action where millions of people worldwide peacefully demanded that the amount of carbon in the atmosphere be reduced to 350 parts per million. Here's author Derrick Jensen, commenting on the 350 movement: "If 350- if all it is is just begging then...then we're even move fucked than we think we are. But if it's part of organizing a larger culture of resistance then that's great. I love to make fun of pacifists, but the truth is you couldn't have had under ground railroads without the Quakers. And so we need the 350 movement- as an above ground arm- to stop this. But I gotta say one more thing I don't like 350, I think it should be called the '250 movement,' because giving 350- that's really fucked up. Because what carbon dioxide levels have to be is pre-industrial. And so it should really be called 'The 250 Movement,' but they didn't ask me..." "Deep water, deep water, senseless denial I went down like a rag doll as you would, child Deep Water, deep water, senseless denial I went down like a rag doll as you would, child Oh, lucky lucky lucky lucky me again. I said it looks like I've got to use my feet again Well I just spent my last one-hundred dollars God I'll pay my bill again Oh, I don't care Oh, how I just don't care. Deep Water, Deep Water Senseless Denial I went down like a rag doll shooken and shy Deep Water, Deep Water Senseless Denial I went down like a rag doll rat of a child..." Back in the day when National Socialism was an ethos embraced by millions of German sheeple, Adolph Hitler unveiled what we now know as the Olympic Torch Relay. "I'm here to watch the torch!" "What do you think about the fact that the torch was unveiled first- was invented by Hitler for the 1936 olympics?" "Ha! Ha! Ha!....pretty disappointing if that is true..." Yep, most motherfuckers out there have no fuckin clue about the Nazi connection to the torch, yet masses of hypnotized canucks gathered in Victoria to welcome this international symbol facism. Can you imagine if the Olympics would adopt the swastica and not the cock rings as its logo? "Pigs go home! Pigs go home!" But nope, the Canadian sheeple bought this one just like the Germans did, with the same blind hysterical zeal of a good nazi. "Woooooo!!!!" "Yeahhhh!!!!! The torch relay is here!!!!" "Wooooo!!!! Woohooooo!!!!" Fucking ridiculous. The Canadians are even accepting the increased level of policing to protect THE FIVE COCK RINGS OF DEATH. "Well right now this square, where protesters are gathering, is surrounded by police officers who are greeting the activists by name as they come in to the park- creating a very chilling effect on free expression. In addition VANOC had sent out a brochure to every municipality along the torch run, saying that they should discourage and prevent the distribution of leaflets along the torch run." Even as millions around the world protested to bring attention to the problem of Global Warming, one of the main sponsors of the Olympics is a major financeer of The Motherfuckin Tar Sands. I asked several olympic enthusiasts what they thought about this and their answer was similar to this: "I don't have any opinion on that, I'm sorry..." Yep, these are dire times and these major fuckin spectacles are like Nazi rallies on steroids. They keep the masses distracted while behind the scenes the facists strengthen the military police state, destroy the ecosphere and profit from our slave labour. Ask yourself, If we went back in time to when the Nazis were taking over, what the fuck would we have done? "The forces that subjugate us today are very powerful. The have an army, they have the RCMP, they have all these security intelligence agencies, that are meant to disperse our people by any means necessary. And they do that with impunity." There is no way to sugar coat this fellow slaves, we live in a fascist continent, now what the fuck are we gonna do about it? "Fuck the olympics, I don't give a fuck about the olympics." And that about does it for this sedition of it's the END of the world as we know it and I feel fine. I'd like to thank the following slaves for helping make this shit real: Paolo, Gayle, Alfonso, Gwyn, Vincent, Charles, Emily, Bernadette, Peter, Jim, Tomas, Isaac, Maureen, John, David, Andrew, Noah, Dan, Michael, Kristy, Ted, Mike, Kurt, The Bartons, Richard, Michelle, Corrie David, Courtney, Celia, Christopher, Chad, Sondra, Mary, Kyle, George and Christine. Kricktopaz I want to let y'all know that I posted two new clips from my upcoming film END:CIV so check it at END:CIV.COM To comment on this show or for links of independent media coverage of THE FIVE COCK RINGS OF DEATH just visit my fuckin website, Now go fight some facists remember kids, you can podcast high quality video of this show at '' "I cautioned you that if you kept swearing at my face--" "I didn't keep swearing--" "That I'd arrest you--" "I didn't keep swearing I said that Jamie Graham had told me that I was 'a fucking maggot,' so does that mean that I'm swearing or Jamie Graham was swearing at me---?" "Well I don't know---" "You don't know? I said call Jamie and tell him that Darryl is here---" "Dwayne I've had about enough of this---" "I'm Darryl!" You keep calling me Dwayne. What's your name? ...J?" "Ok J... J Dawg... I'm here with my main man J Dog talking about why the cops are trying to arrest me for saying the 'f word'... "You know what I'm sayin?!"

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