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Mi experiencia física sintiéndome como energía 2-2

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Well, you are going to feel your energy physically, do not worry if you think this is something that is unlikely to happen because it is really happening all the time the only difference is that we do not realize. It's like being a tree, you can not be a tree and not feeling yourself a tree Just the same you can not be here to be a living being and not feel your energy physically, so today it will happen too. Second, do not be afraid to approach you. Sometimes when we are working with ourselves and someone says "come closer to yourself, feel yourself" we are afraid. We say, oh my God, I am going to meet all my miseries, it is going to be painful. It is true, we all have things we like and we dislike within ourselves. But that does not mean that there are no nice things inside. And in any case, under all those things that we do not like is the essence of who we are, there is the being we are And that's always nice, that being is made of tenderness, that being is made of sweetness. Thirdly seek a quiet space and time for yourself in which you can do this. To make this more visual, I asked a friend if she was so kind to appear in this video so that you could really see how we develop physically this method. Susan, please Hello Well, thank you for lending you to this adventure. Well, then, what we are going to do now is: let's close our eyes. We're going to sit comfortably. You can do it on the couch, lying on a bed, on a mat, on the field with your back against a tree, in a place where you feel comfortable. The place is always the least important, what matters is that you must feel comfortable. Then we close our eyes and we will try to hear the beating of our hearts. We'll hear not just our breath but out beating. Well, in the same position we are going to put our hands on the belly, the navel area. That is our vital energy. Then, what we are going tois asking our energy to activate and whenever we ask anything we're doing it with tenderness, delicacy. So mentally, gently ask your vital energy to activate. Well, the physical sensations are not the same in all people, some people notice a knot in the stomach, others will notice it as the nerves prior to when they have a review, sometimes it is a feeling that deals with this whole area, other times it is similar to when someone presses a finger. Once we feel this energy here, you can play with it, make it bigger, smaller ... it is our energy we can relate to it, is our plasticine. Well, now that we feel it here physically, let’s go to the heart We put our hands on the heart in this part of us is our higher self, our wise love, our love for all things and for ourselves. In this area it is easy to feel something like pressure on the heart or a line of pressure on this area. Other people feel it as something broader, which occupies all. It doesn’t matter one way or another. What I mean is that we are different and therefore we feel things differently. The important thing is to feel. Now that we have felt our tenderness in our hearts we are going to place a hand on our minds, on our front. And there, we are going to create a space to feel to think ourselves from there. A quiet, bright, friendly space in which we see ourselves sitting and from which we can observe the world and look at ourselves Now that we have created this space too there is a line that unites them. This line joining them is really our energy being that's what we really are. Even though we feel it soft, it's there, there are persons who feel it very strongly throughout the body and there are people who feel it outside the body they even notice it on their skin as a tingling. These three integrated points are, as I said, our energy being and what we should do now is develop it so that it may not be occasional to feel it today, but permanent The physical and emotional feeling we have this pleasant sensation of tenderness towards us can happen continuously. You can open your eyes, hands down. Thanks for your help. A pleasure Well, something I wanted to tell you When you are putting your hands on your body, your belly, in your heart, your mind. All that energy that is moving when I'm by your side I'm feeling what you are feeling I'm feeling a pressure point on the stomach if it's nerves sometimes what it gives us in this area as hunger but surprisingly we are full. And then we realize that this feeling is not new, but we know it, we have felt it many times. Often, there are no new feelings. Those are feelings that go unnoticed amid all the sea of feelings we have. So my job is to help you separate a bit this feeling and find out what it wants to tell you, what it has for you. Well, Susana, thanks for staging, for demonstrating how easy it is thanks for helping with this video. Not at all, a pleasure. Thanks These three integrated points form your energy being this is how you really were as a child this is how you were when you were born. So now this feeling of tenderness you have, this feeling of balance, it is not something you have to expect to happen occasionally, but is a sensation where you can go whenever you want want because it is something that is within you. So it's a path towads you. And you can walk it as many times as you want It is similar to all things. The more you travel it the clearer it becomes. It will become clearer and more enjoyable This whole process can take from a few hours the first time to have to do it in multiple sessions. It is a process that is gradually phased it must go hand in hand with your development. Then feeling the first time is very simple and what would take a somewhat longer time is that this feeling that you have becomes consolidated and permanent. My words may sound strange maybe you find it difficult to see and feel that free, maybe you think you must be special, born with special qualities. But then we would leave from a tremendous injustice: that some people are born with disabilities and some without. However, if you look around in nature water, animals... each of these beings has what it takes to be the essence of himself. Similarly, people have everything they need to develop the being they are all qualities, all the possibilities. It's like a muscle, we all have that muscle, the only change is that if we don’t develop that muscle is gets rusty. Finally, what I wanted to share with this video is that anyone who wants to approach to itself gently, feeling a little as a girl, can physically feel their energy and will gradually be reunited with that being which is within and sometimes we do not know, in a dance of mutual trust. so that their feeling develops even with their personal development. Feeling your energy accompanies also your development as a person which can sometimes be a painful process. Because we have things that entangle us, that stop us things to which we are really attached and we need to get rid of them. These things entangle us and do not let us see clearly what lies ahead and we eventually see the road full of brambles and when we're on that path we do not enjoy the smell, the taste, the sensation of the berries out there. If you think that this way of working may be useful feel free to contact me. Well, I wanted to thank you all your time watching this video and also warmly thank those who have made it possible to do it and to come here today. Kisses and hugs for everyone. Thanks. Contact: [email protected]

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Posted by: susanap on Jan 19, 2011

Segunda parte del vídeo en el que Gemma Max habla sobre su experiencia con la energía y su forma de trabajar con los demás. Para que cada uno pueda sentir la energía que es mediante un sencillo método.

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