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Why we like working in the Library

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I asked University of Canterbury Library staff... why they like working in the Library. Shh! No, seriously, we're not like that at all... and the people I work with are amongst the... noisiest people I've ever come across. They support my study. I've got all the resources and the people... right at my fingertips. The friendliness and supportiveness... that I get from my colleagues. You can walk into a library... and at any one time there are people... studying and learning... and increasing their knowledge. Just working as a part of a network with... other people that have a social conscience. The really lovely colleagues that I work with. They're a great bunch. The really beautiful campus that we work in. I like working in the Library... because everything's so tidy and organised! I like helping people... with their information needs. Right now I'm staffing the AskLive... chat session. People can connect to this... through the library web pages. ♫ [ring] ♫ Got a question right now, excuse me! I love promoting the library to students... so they can find out all the great services... that we have. Being able to walk along the shelves... and spot past and present... scientific controversies. We've got really nice people... both the students and the staff... really good to get on with. Just... nice people to spend time during the day with. I like working at the Library because... I learn something new every day. Fantastic collection... fantastic people to work with. It's seen... as the jewel in the crown of the University. It makes you feel good... to work in a place like that. There's always something different... coming along. It's about people... and the services that we deliver to people. I like working in the Library... because I get to garden! The Library has some amazing collections... of old and rare books, and I really love... showing them to people. Also there's a Maori library workers' network... called Te Ropu Whakahau... that I enjoy being a part of. We're able to contribute to some... unique research efforts. I really enjoy working with such a diverse... group of people. We all get to look out at a beautiful native forest through our office windows. And we have fantastic collections... in the Macmillan Brown Library. Great place, great people. Or: great people, great place! My job in the Library's a bit like... being a hostess at a dinner party. I get to welcome people into the Library... and to share with them all the wonderful... things we have in the collection. We've got an amazing collection... of artwork here, and we've got... an amazing collection of people as well... which are - they're great to work with. The flexibility of my work. I can get to do a lot of work at... different times when I need to. We also like working here because... we get to eat lots of chocolate. Definitely the best part! It's a very pleasant atmosphere here. It's always challenging. The technology is always changing. And it's exciting to be involved in all that. The beautiful scenery around here. And I think it's an opportunity that... can't be experienced in any other library... even of its kind. It's just a fantastic place to work. [offscreen] Yay!

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We asked library staff why they like working in the library - these are their answers.

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